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In today’s digital age it seems like marketing strategies are getting ever more complicated. Online marketing is constantly challenging and changing traditional thinking. It would appear that there is no longer room for tried and tested methods such as promotional merchandise.

But think again. It’s tempting to dismiss giving away promotional items as outdated and almost kitsch. However, suppliers have overseen a transformation of the market and brought their wares into the twenty-first century.

And here we offer five compelling reasons why every business should still consider promotional merchandise:

Promotional Merchandise Has Re-Branded Itself

Marketers are increasingly turning towards modern solutions to find new audiences. And suppliers of promotional items have reacted by transforming their range to appeal to contemporary tastes.

They’ve realized it’s not enough for companies to give away ‘Weepuls’ anymore (remember those little furry blobs with googly eyes and a bit of promotional tape attached?).

Instead, you’re far more likely to find products suitable for the forward-thinking business. For example, digital photo frames, pedometers and bamboo bath sets reflect this re-branding of the merchandising sector.

It’s relatively cheap

Sure, every company now needs their PPC campaigners and . But what’s wrong with supplementing existing print and online channels with other alternatives?

Compared to hiring an army of marketing executives the addition of a few promotional gifts is relatively cheap.

And you might only run a fairly small business. Therefore, marketing budgets will be tight.

Purchasing a few badges or lanyards to hand out to customers is an economic way of fostering brand awareness.

Its beauty is its simplicity

The above point leads neatly into an explanation of the fundamental merits of promotional merchandise.

Its methods are so simple yet extremely effective. Think about it. Every time someone sees a promotional item of yours they are immediately drawn to a company logo or symbol.

This signifies a brand or product and in turn spreads its message. Once this process is complete your business will have registered an indelible mark on its consumer.

And whatever item the customer sees doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You can still get pens. Don’t discount the merits of everyday. Giving away those barbecue sets may have been a savvy idea for last summer’s promotion.

But it’s oft-used products that are more likely to be used on a regular basis. This means there’s a greater chance of brand recognition.

A Tailored Approach Allows Companies to Promote Their Services

Perhaps you run an accountancy firm. Why not give your clients some complimentary calculators? Small businesses need them to hand. And your details emblazoned across the device will act as a constant reminder of your services.

This is the major advantage of adopting a tailored approach that harnesses the power of promotional items.

Likewise, it’s becoming increasingly important for every business to show a commitment to helping the environment. Offering customers and potential client’s bags made from eco-friendly materials is one way to show off your green credentials.

Adapting your strategy to appeal to specific or broad demographics is the smart way to a successful promotional campaign.

It’s a fun way to grab attention!

Go nuts. Experiment a little. Push the boundaries. Use promotional merchandise to grab attention. And be creative!

You might sell knitting materials online. That doesn’t mean you have to give away needles or wool. Send valued customers a USB stick or some bath salts. Be prepared to think outside the box.

The ability to do so is part of the great appeal of the modern range of promotional products available. There are plenty of cost-effective and niche opportunities just waiting to be exploited.

This guest post was written by Claryjosee, who is an online freelance copywriter who has covered a number of topics relating to promotional merchandise. Promotional merchandise and promotional lanyards are the items that will enhance your brand value easily.

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