Written by Jack Dawson

Every click counts in the world of PPC marketing and when you are running an online marketing company then stakes are really high. Getting your clients the clicks they need is essential for the success of your business. If you can’t help your clients get the desired number of customers within a specific timeframe then you will lose those clients. Unfortunately, many web marketers make plenty of mistakes while setting up their clients’ PPC campaign and thus, fail to deliver substantial results.

Let’s take a look at some of the shocking mistakes made by PPC marketers and learn the tricks to avoid them.

Ignoring mobile: As a PPC marketer, you can’t just focus on desktop promotion, because millions of people watch ads on mobile, click, and buy products within seconds. If your client serves a young audience, then it is essential to craft a PPC campaign that is mobile friendly.

Wrong audience targeting: Before you start a PPC campaign, you must know everything about the target customers so that you can reach them efficiently. From the layout design to the ad copy, everything must be created keeping the audience profile in mind. According to a Walnut SEO expert, age group, gender, interests and demographic profile are some of the crucial information you must collect prior to the campaign launch.

Using wrong keywords: Keywords are like breadcrumbs that help customers see your advertisement. When you use the right keywords in your PPC copy the ad pops in Google SERP if the users search for it. Try to target long tail keywords and also don’t concentrate on just one keyword while optimizing the PPC campaign.

Not raising the bids: Let’s first accept the reality of PPC marketing. Half the ads are never seen by the end users if you are using Google as your primary ad platform because the competition is so tough that only the biggest bidders get to show their ads to the consumers. If you think you have a great ad and still not getting enough clicks, then simply raise the keyword bids and you will witness an improvement in CTR.

Lack of a solid landing page: The ultimate goal of a PPC marketing campaign is not just to get clicks, but to ensure that customers buy something when they click on the ad and visit the website. Your landing page is the place where your convert a visitor into a customer. Therefore, it is essential to have a landing page that will help the customers complete the purchase using just a few clicks. For example, If you are saying “books at flat 25% discount” in your advertisement, then the customer should reach the “books” section of client website by clicking on the ad, not the “stationary’ or “lifestyle” section of the ecommerce website.


Whether you are just a novice PPC marketer or a veteran, it is always wise to remember the mistakes others make while handling a PPC campaign. Remember, at the end of the day PPC marketing requires you to be agile and resourceful.

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