Every digital marketer performs SEO for better online visibility as it combines feasible strategies to rank your website on top search engine result page. Unarguably, search engine optimization is the most effective way for online promotion and generates profits for your business.

If we talk about SEO strategies, SMO is one of the most reliable concept that brings in more organic traffic towards your online platform and targeting specified customers from wide social media channels. Both SEO & SMO are meant to raise your business rankings and accelerate the conversion rates to multiply your sales. Then, why experts specify SEO & SMO distinctively from this point of view of optimization? You definitely need to know their role for determining a precise answer on your own.

Before going in depth, let’s define few major differences between these result-driven online marketing strategies in brief:

Search Engine Optimization: Your company’s online presence matters a lot to stand out as a successful organization. SEO is all about optimizing your website’s rankings deriving its possibilities of getting clicked by more prominent customers. SEO is a first step to popularize your online business and steer more online visitors towards your website.

Social Media Optimization: SMO targets social media users who remain active in search of the most reliable & reputed service provider. The majority of digital marketers prioritizes SMO to strengthen the social presence of a company and builds powerful brand reputation on the most popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

No doubt, the ever-evolving world of digital marketing transforms with the arrival of new techniques & strategies that are utilized to increase the count of online visits on your site. SEO marketizes your business via SERP and SMO popularizes its services across multiple social media platforms. You must consider the given-below facts for more clarification between SEO & SMO:

1. Distinctive Approach

Customers rely on trusted brands and they search online to find the most reputable service provider for them. You can relax if your website grabs ranking on every search engine result page as it indicates that you are on a right track of successful SEO. On the other hand, many online marketers strategize to perform SMO to put a company on better position. Check out the points to know the reason:

  1. Search engine optimization is the initial step to uplift your business visibility while SMO is the next step taken to multiply your sales.
  2. SEO steers traffic via search engine ranking (SERP) while SMO creates online traffic through social media advertising & promotional campaigns.
  3. In SEO, people will visit on your website if it comprises pages with keyword-rich content that will rank it on top. SMO takes benefits of social media to create a buzz and promote your services or product in front of active users, groups, & communities.
  4. SEO generates more clicks from those who surf online to find a reputed company but SMO entirely targets social media users who remain active for online interaction.

2. Process & Methods

The objective behind SEO & SMO is similar but their is a vast difference in their strategies. Your SEO professional will perform market analysis to use the most searched keywords while publishing the content and optimize the website’s ranking via meta descriptions, tags, headers, & more.

On the other hand, an SMO expert concentrates on delivering keyword-rich content on the most trending topics that may attract online visitors via social media. You can also check out numerous viral posts that are published on Twoogle i.e Twitter + Google which is the most popular SMO strategy.

3. Link Building Or Link Sharing

Link building is a significant SEO strategy that brings in organic traffic on your site. However, in SEO there is no use of sharing links on each & every social media groups for promotional purposes. A digital marketer must concentrate on building effective URL for a website rather than pasting them on more & more social networking sites as it sounds quite spammy.

SMO chooses social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to share a company’s profile for enhanced online interactions. With a pile of post shares, likes, tweets, & comments, SMO will generate leads for your online business with increased popularity & improved visibility.

4. Timeline

Every digital marketer can say that “SEO is a time taking process”. It simply means that you need to wait for getting organic results with improved ranks. While SMO actively contributes to the online visibility of your business with immediate results. You can also analyze results & keep everything on track while performing social media optimization for any business.

5. Keyword Vs Content

“Content is the king”, specifically for those who perform social media optimization. From SEO point of view, keyword is a core element that ranks your site and its web content on the top result page.

Final Words

SEO completely revolves around search ranking, online recognition, & lead generation techniques while SMO comprises brand advertising, social media campaigning, profile management, & other strategies. Many start-ups hire digital marketing agencies to get recognized on the online platforms and generate leads with improved conversion rates.  SEO and SMO are the most preferred strategies for directing traffic towards your website if it ranks on first pages of search engines. After reading the above points, you can explore various aspects of SEO & SMO to know their explicit advantages.

Jacob Colleen is an expert SEO expert from Webby Central, a renowned firm that actively deals in reliable Search Engine Optimization service. He loves to share his ample guest blogging skills among the crowd so that they can use the same as an effective link-building tactic.

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