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A logo design is the area of expertise and creativity which is an essential aspect of branding. A well-designed logo is an important part of creating a unique brand identity and active engagement with the stakeholders.

Designing a logo is not an easy task, a professional logo designer blends his creativity, uniqueness, and skills to come up with unique logo designs.

A unique, memorable and exquisite logo design require the expertise of a professional logo design company to make it strategically increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Logos represents your brand, no matter how good your business might be, but you cannot keep your logo design at stake.

Check out these 5 best resources that every logo designer must know for creating an identity design.

Before I discuss the resources, keep yourself clear that the below resources are just for your assistance, you can just get an idea and wireframes to work on, as designs must always be unique.

  1. Pixeden

Pixeden creates free and premium graphics for a logo design, web design, background graphics, textures, mockup, text effects graphics and web resources. If you are looking for plenty of graphic designs at one place, Pixeden is the best option for you.

Logo designers can seek help from Pixeden and get good ideas about icons, vectors, and design templates.


  1. LogoLounge

LogoLounge is an emblem book. It has a massive database of nearly +250,000 logo designs from above 100 countries. It a platform where new logos get upload on a daily basis, and the winning logos are published in the upcoming books of LogoLounge.

For a professional logo design company, it is the best platform to showcase your work to your clients and prospects. At LogoLounge, you get to know about the latest logo design trends and new logos. It is a useful resource for the logo designers to keep themselves updated with the design trends.


  1. Design Instruct

Design Instruct is the best regularly updated web magazine for an open sharing of ideas. It publishes design trends, high-quality tutorials, blogs and articles to inspire the readers and provide them great ideas. The freebies section of the Design Instruct allows free download too.


  1. Dribble

Feedback, suggestions and discussion forums make the work better. Dribble is an online forum for designers and illustrators.

Keeping the focus on creativity, a logo designer at Dribble can grasp ideas and sneak peek into other designs to make his design much better. It an excellent resource for getting feedback, improvisation and creative ideas.

The designers at Dribble can show and tell easily. It allows others to comment or provide feedback on your work, and you too get an opportunity to discuss or clarify your queries in the community.


  1. Lynda is a prominent online learning platform that helps to learn about business, software, technology and creative skills.

It offers tutorials about all the design elements. With a huge presence of serving more than 10,000 organizations in five languages, Lynda has proved to be the best resource for learners and professionals too.



There are numerous logo resources, don’t just equip yourself with these five. The more you explore, the better you will reap.

The resources cannot provide you with unleashing creativity. The ideas rest within yourself whereas these resources are just the building blocks of ideas. It inspires you, keeps you updated and overcomes the creative block of your minds. It helps in collecting and sharing ideas with a bundle of exciting and innovative designs. Explore it and do it well.

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