You’re into PPC marketing, you read top PPC blogs like this one every day for tips and insights on growing your business with PPC marketing, and you’re always open to new ideas that can help you grow.

I have good news for you, because I’m here to give you one of those tips that can help your business grow.

It is Mobile PPC Marketing

Yes, you’ve probably spent a lot on advertising using systems like Google Adwords for years, but have you ever considered the fact that mobile PPC could be very effective, too?

I know it sounds funny, because most people are of the idea that no real business occurs on mobile phones. But you’ll be surprised!

Did you know Google made an estimated $2.5 billion in mobile PPC advertising in 2011 alone? Did you also know that that number is expected to double this year?

I know this is surprising fact, but it is true!

I’d like to believe this, and a lot of evidence support my point; I’d like to believe that mobile PPC is the future of PPC advertising, and this article will be listing 5 major benefits of PPC advertising you should take note of.

1. Mobile is predicted to Overtake Desktop in Terms of Internet Usage by 2014

According to , curated from dozens of other sources, it has been predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage in 2014.

When we consider the fact that the total number of mobile internet users at the moment is around ¼ of the entire mobile internet usage right now, it isn’t entirely possible for this to happen in 2014.

Mobile internet is growing. No, it is exploding, and smart marketers should be ready to capitalize on it.

More people are starting to spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computers, and I think now is the time to take action.

2. A Mobile Payment Firm experienced a 25% Growth in just One Month, Leading to a Gain of $1b

Did you know that Square, a mobile payment platform experienced a growth of just over 25% in the last month alone?

25% isn’t much to a business that is struggling, but when you consider the fact that Square’s revenue is predicted to be $4b this year, and that the 25% increase means an additional $1b, you can see how effective this is.

This means a lot of things from you, two of which are:

i.) Mobile is growing exponentially, so it is the future of marketing. Embrace it, or be doomed.

ii) A lot more people decided to “suddenly” start making their payments on mobile phone in one month, leading to a lot of growth in a short period of time; these could be millions of people for all we know, and you can sure that the growth experienced is highly significant compared to the one experienced last year.

This means more people are now using mobile, and you don’t have to worry any more about getting low ROI’s from your mobile advertising dollars.

3. Mobile PPC is Extremely Cheap and Uncompetitive Right Now

The mobile advertising space is full of skepticism right now, and a lot of people are afraid of “risking” their advertising dollars on something that might not work.

We all know that more risk creates more opportunities, and this means there is a great opportunity for you to profit here.

Most people are afraid of profiting from their mobile PPC efforts, but you aren’t; this creates an opportunity for you to profit.

Another advantage is that mobile advertising services have to lower their costs because very few people are using their services, and this is indeed a great opportunity for you to profit.

4. Mobile PPC is More Targeted

If you run any kind of business online, there’s every probability your business will benefit more from people who are local to the services you want than to a generic audience.

Mobile PPC exposes your ads to people on a more local basis, and the local mobile PPC market isn’t already dominated, so here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for; now is your time to profit!

5. People are More Relaxed on their Mobile Phones

What is the best way to get into people’s heart and get them pay attention to your message? You can bet it is by getting your message to them when they’re relaxed.

Computer internet usage is becoming more casual lately, and a lot more people are now doing important tasks on their mobile devices; people now research and inform themselves on their mobile phones, and they’re usually in a more receptive mode, so this is your opportunity to profit.

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