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Sometimes, when it comes to finding information out on the internet about a specific topic, you just want the information to be 9 Ways To Improve Your PPC Search Advertbullet printed clearly and in a precise manner so you don’t have to go scrolling through numerous amounts of pages. For this reason, when it comes to talking about ways you can improve your PPC search advert, I am going to be simple and just bullet point the ways so you can quickly and efficiently read the content. Bare in mind that ‘improving’ a PPC search advert usually involves increasing its CTR, overall conversion rate of the campaign and attracting the most contextual traffic.


  • Use at least one (and a maximum of two) in either the title or description.
  • Include the URL of your website in the title or description to promote direct traffic to your website if the web user does not choose to click on your advert.
  • Include at least one call extension (with a maximum of possibly being 3). Call extensions are a great way of expanding your search advert to enable it to become more useful to the web user resulting in a higher click through and conversion rate.
  • Capitalise every word in the advert. This will help make your advert look more professional and stand out more, increasing the CTR of it.
  • If you have trademarks or copyright, add them to your advert! Trademarks and copyright symbols give the advert a sense of authority which will attract the web user to it.
  • Include an offer. If you put a time frame on your advert, it creates a sense of urgency which puts pressure on the web user to click onto your advert to gain the special offer.
  • Use your real URL for the URL element of a search advert. This will, like the URL in the title or description, help encourage direct traffic to your website if the web user does not decide to click on your advert. As well as this, it will also iron in your brand into the web user since most URL homepages consist of the brand name of the company/product/whatever is being advertised.
  • Include figures. Numbers and statistics are great sources of facts to encourage the web user to click onto your advert. For example, if your product is 10% cheaper than the cheapest on the internet, that is going to attract web users to your advert.
  • Have short sweet phrases for your description. You could choose to make your description one long sentence. However, short phrases provide more information in a layout that is easier to read too.

There we have it! Nine Ways you can improve your search advert. Try to include a few of the above tips and you are sure to increase the effectiveness of your search advert within your PPC campaign.

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