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It’s the start of the new year which is a brilliant time to put some hard graft into your PPC campaign and strategy, to maximize the potential of it in 2018. There are many variables in PPC advertising that are constantly adapting and changing which means your PPC campaign should always be treated as a ‘live’ campaign – something that needs modifying over time to get the best out of it. With this in mind, here are some ways to get your PPC campaign up and running at its best in 2018.



#1 Review Your Keyword Strategy

Making sure your keywords are up to date is vital to the whole campaign’s performance: the keywords you chose at the start of your campaign may not necessary produce the best traffic months, or even weeks, later.

This is because of many external factors, including voice search. SEO has been pushing with getting ranked for voice searches (since voice searches are slightly different in their structure to standard typed searches). Therefore, you need to take into consideration this for your PPC campaign targeting methods.


#2 Review Your Ad Copy

The ad copy is, of course, very important to attracting traffic to your landing page. It’s never a ‘done and dusted’ job once you have created an ad copy, because it can be constantly improved. Such ways to do this include:

  • Using ad extensions – these expand the size of your advert, which will naturally help to increase your advert’s exposure rate. They also provide useful information that can help to convince the web user into a click, such as reviews, extra links, telephone number to call and more.
  • Use the correct grammar and vocabulary – this is extremely important. Remember your target audience and the type of vocabulary they use. For example, an advert about buying a cheap car may not appreciate complex engineering terms as opposed to someone looking to buy a Ferrari and wanting to see that the car has a twin-turbo V8 or a dual clutch transmission in the advert.


#3 Give Your PPC Campaign a USP

It is far too easy to create an advert that blends into the competition of the surrounding adverts. You want to make your advert stand out. To do this, you should include some sort of unique selling point. This could be:

  • Using a certain ad extension that competitors don’t use.
  • Changing the structure of your advert from the norm (such as Apple with their minimalist approach).
  • Include a USP financially, or by offering something competitors don’t.


#4 Get Use to the New Google AdWords Interface

The rumors around the internet are that the new Google AdWords interface, which you can choose to use or stick with the current old interface, is going to be forced for every advertiser to use at some point in 2018. To stop the interface change from affecting you negatively, it is a good idea to get use to it now so you are better prepared to using the interface when the forced change does eventually occurs.

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