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A backlink is the online terminology given to a link that is on another website, linking to your own website. For example, if website A has a link to website B, then website B will have a backlink from website A.

Backlinks are great for the SEO of a website, and the more you have of them pointing to your website, the better. This is because backlinks illustrates confidence other websites have in your content, that it is good quality content worth linking to. When this is the case, there is more incentive for Google and other search engines to rank your content higher, if websites are finding it so useful to link to it.

The question is how do we build up the number of backlinks to a website? We can’t force people and websites to link to your website. However, you can certainly encourage people to backlink to you. Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Have an appealing and fast designed website – First impressions are everything on the internet for traffic. The better the impression other websites get when they land onto your website, the higher the likelihood that they will link to you. This includes having a well designed and responsive theme as well as fixing all problems relating to website loading speed.
  2. Have high quality content – A great way to get other websites to link to you is by having content that they simply can’t have. It leaves them in a ‘catch-22’ situation as a competitor website. For the most, they will choose the third option.
    • Copy your content if they don’t have it on their website, which will only have a negative impact to the SEO health of it.
    • Not link to your website, limiting the available content that website can offer the web user.
    • Link to your website, so that the web user sees the current website they are on as trustworthy and a provider of high quality content, no matter what external source it comes from.
  3. Create linkable content – You cannot expect backlinks to your website if there is no linkable content on your website. By this, linkable content is providing something other websites cannot. This could be a video, a unique image, information, or an opinion of something that other websites cannot provide. Whatever the case, you need to provide something that simply other websites cannot to make it worth linking to.
  4. Make influential blogging friends – The impact of a backlink to the SEO health of your website depends on just how important and well ranked the website that is linking to you is. For example, a new start up website will have a low page rank, so will not have much influence on your organic health with a backlink. However, the likes of the BBC and CNET linking to you will have much more weighting. With this in mind, get commenting on influential websites with useful information. Contact them if you can. If you provide good points in comments and are friendly, they are likely to view your website, with the potential to backlink to you.

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