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Already a month into 2013, advertisers should be looking to constantly improve their campaign because, if truth to be told, no pay 4 Tips For PPC Campaigns In 2013per click advertising campaign out there is ever perfect. There is always an element of improvement. For some campaigns, this element of improvement is quite large while on other campaigns, there is not much room to improve. Either way, here are some tips you can use to increase the success rate of your campaign.


Tip #1 Focus on Getting a Conversion

A problem many advertisers face is that they have a low conversion rate. There are lots of reasons for a low conversion rate. For example, a poor choice of keywords will bring the wrong traffic resulting in little to no conversions at all. The reason I am going to look into is the fact that landing pages are not optimised for conversions. What do I mean by this? Well:

  • A conversion can be quite a specific task for the web user to do. 
  • If you give the web user many options to do on your web page, the chances of a conversion decreases.
  • This is like putting more links on a website where there is Adsense adverts: the chances of the advert link being clicked decreases.
  • Therefore, focus your landing page so that your web user has only one of two options: to complete a conversion or to not and click away.


Tip #2 Always Keep an Eye on Competitors

This does not mean to get into PPC bidding wars with them! PPC bidding wars usually result in your whole strategy going down the drain which ultimately means your campaign will be doing more financial harm to you than that of any benefit. It is a good idea to keep an eye on competitors through using search engines to see what type of keywords they are using in their campaign, what ad placements they are getting and so on. From doing this, you will be able to keep ahead of the competition. For example, if you found one advertiser to be using niche keywords from researching, you can use some of the niche keywords seeing as competition will be less (and therefore CPC should be less).



Tip #3 Experiment More

You will never know how to improve a campaign if you do not experiment with it. I can only tell you so much information. If you don’t do anything with it, then reading this article will be pointless. The best way to experiment with your campaign is to make duplicate campaign’s varying one factor each time. From this, you will be able to see what works best for your campaign’s situation.



Tip #4 Increase Your Incentives to Click

There are basically two main factors that affects the click through rate of an advert:

  • It’s physical appearance (i.e. colour, size, placement etc.)
  • It’s content.

For advertisers, it should be a priority to get the content of the advert right. Yet, many adverts nowadays do not offer a strong enough incentive to encourage the web user to click on it. Over-offer the web user with incentives. You can then reduce these incentives to a size manageable for you and your campaign.

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