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SEO is constantly evolving, mainly due to the algorithm updates from Google, with examples from the likes of Panda and Penguin. This means it is vital to the success of websites to keep up to date with what performs well, in terms of SEO and getting to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

The problem stems that some of the improvements people make to improve SEO of a website are not always doing what they think it is doing. In some cases, it can be having the opposite and negative impact to a website. With this, here are 4 SEO-improving myths debunked, so you can make sure not to believe such examples.

  1. No need for link building – Several years ago, it was extremely important to link build, since Google ranked your website taking into consideration how important other websites rank to yours. The more important the website, the better your website appears. However, this died out as bloggers started to realize this was not producing the necessary SEO results. This does not mean you should not link build. Natural link building is really good for SEO. Forced link building, such as a link for a link or guest posts with links forced into content or the bio are not going to produce as good SEO results.
  2. No need for mobile optimization – Although this was the case years ago, there has been a gradual shift to mobile dominance on the internet. This is the case with SEO, where Google will now process websites in their mobile version primarily instead of the desktop version. Therefore, if you do not have a well-optimized mobile website, you will be severely hindering your website.
  3. No need for a secure website – Google has been pushing to make the browsing experience for web users as secure as possible. One was for this to happen is by adding SEO-weighting to websites with an SSL certificate. For this reason, if you have not got an SSL certificate (which can be identiied by a lack of ‘s’ in the ‘http://’), then it is a good idea to purchase one and install it onto your website.
  4. Just create content, don’t worry about SEO – Although, to some extent, this is true, SEO still plays a huge role to a website’s ranking. The way to think about this is with the content being the ‘engine’ of a car and the SEO is the ‘turbo’ or all the little parts to the engine that improves the performance. An engine will only make a car so quick. But, it is all the little optimizations, such as a turbo, better fuel, inlet manifold etc. that will make the engine get to its most powerful state.

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