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When it comes to determining how to optimize something, the first and best way to go about optimizations is through AB testing. This is achieved through conducting two identical tests, whilst changing only one variable from test A to test B. From this, results will signify the impact of changing the variable had through comparing it to the baseline test.

The internet is made around AB testing, although recent years has seen an increase in automatic machine learning AB testing through artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, AB testing is a key part to website optimization, as well as PPC and landing page optimization. With this, here are 4 reasons why you should conduct AB testing.


Quantifiable Results

The great thing about AB testing is that it will always bring you some sort of quantifiable results from changing one variable between the two tests. This makes it crystal clear as to whether the change worked in a positive or negative manner.


Fast and Easy to Set Up

AB testing does not require too much time and effort to set up. There are generally two forms of AB testing that can be conducted:

  1. Series AB testing. This consists of conducting each test one after the other. This is the easiest way to perform AB testing.
  2. Parallel AB testing. This consists of conducting tests in unison of each other, so that each test gains traffic at the same time. This produces slightly more accurate results considering the fact that the results are less dependent on when the traffic interacted with each test.


Does Not Require Excessive Traffic for Accurate Results

The great thing about AB testing is that it does not always require lots and lots of traffic to get reliable results. Of course, the more traffic that you test against, the more your results will converge. However, by following the trend of results against time, you will start to see the point at which convergence should take place – for many AB testing, this happens relatively soon after initiating the test.


Simplest Way to Optimize

As mentioned before, AB testing is a simple and effective way to optimize, due to its simplicity. This makes it the choice of testing for many different industries. The fact that it requires a quick change to a variable, followed by some analysis inside the likes of Google Analysis, makes it the choice for many people online to optimize their websites and landing pages with.


However, a word of warning should go with AB testing. Changing one variable at a time will tell you how that one variable can effect results. However, if you do multiple AB tests, then how each optimized variable works together might not always produce positive results. For this reason, it is a good idea to revisit AB tests to double check the results after optimizing other variables.

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