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Just like with most things in life, good and bad moments come in waves – it is never consistent with regards to results. This especially applies for blogging and websites. During the summer, traffic dwindles due to people being ‘out’ and on holiday, whilst ad revenue rates decrease too, mainly due to the decrease in demand. Summer and the hot weather causes there to be dry spells for websites with regards to their traffic and revenue (if you’ll pardon the pun). However, fear not my fellow website owners and bloggers. The exact opposite is about to happen – September is an extremely exciting month for websites, and here are the main reasons why.


Traffic Picks Up Again

As the students go back to school and university and everyone gets back in the swing of things after holidays, traffic naturally picks up again. Although traffic will not usually recover fully to pre-summer levels in September, you will see a massive improvement with it continuing into October.


Advertisers Increase Budgets

The majority of businesses make the majority of their revenue around the Christmas and the holiday period. This is because of the incredible conversion rate that is achieved from people wanting to buy gifts and presents for their family and friends. This naturally causes advertisers to want to capitalize on this, which in turns increases the EPMV (earning per 1,000 visitors) for ad units to increase.

The same logic also applies to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Late November up to the date of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a gold mine, especially on the exact days of each. Traffic is usually at an all time high, considering people generally buy deals for both events on the internet.


Lower Temperatures Cause More Screen Time – More Traffic to Websites

The temperature and weather outside plays a hugely significantly part with regards to the traffic a website receives. If it is hot outside, then there are more opportunities to do things that take advantage of the weather. If the weather is cold and wet, naturally, the opportunities will decrease, where people are stuck to being inside more frequently. When people are more frequently inside, the time spent on devices with internet access will increase. This causes the traffic to websites to increase too.


Christmas Build-up

September onwards is a great time for websites, mainly because of it being the holiday season. Christmas time is the #1 time of the year for websites and businesses, since traffic is through the roof, with the same said for the conversion rate. People are online shopping, gaining ideas and generally browsing the web more frequently. For this reason, see the traffic to a website increase the closer you get to Christmas.

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