If you can begin to understand the reason why the main reasons why web users click onto PPC adverts, you can then start to look to implement such enticements into your PPC search advert, to increase the click through rate (CTR) of it. Lucky for us, this is exactly what the research firm Clutch has done. Looking into why people click on paid search adverts, we can begin to understand just exactly what makes an advert attractive to click onto.


Top 4 Reasons People Click On Adverts

Answer a Search Query – 33%

The more contextual and relatable a search advert is to the web user, the more likely they are to click onto it. After all, the majority of searches using Google involve trying to find something out new, such as an answer or new information. If a PPC advert addresses this directly, then there is little to no reason why the web user would not click onto this.

From a PPC advertiser’s perspective, this can be achieved a few different ways:

  • Make sure your keyword targeting is specific and addresses the web user directly. Include negative keywords as well to further target a specific audience online that has the aim of answering a search query
  • Ask questions in your search advert, similar to what the web user searched for – this makes it seem as if clicking onto the advert will answer the question


Mention a Familiar Brand – 26%

If you have a well known brand, it is an absolute no brainier to include it in your PPC search advert. Recognizable brand names adds a touch of confidence to the advert and trust, that the web user knows what they are to expect from clicking onto the advert. This is generally why it is good to mention your brand name once in the title and, at least, once in the description.


Are Listed Above Other Search Results – 20%

This reason people click onto paid search adverts makes clear the effect of positioning has on Google search results. Although some people will ‘block’ adverts and go directly to the first organic result first, Clutch’s study illustrates that 20% of traffic will still click on the advert, more so due to its positioning of being at the top of the page above other results, than anything else. This makes clear the importance of getting #1 spot and adopting a CPC strategy to achieve this.


Have a Compelling Title, Description or Image – 19%

Shortly in 4th place is a, on the whole, some sort of compelling and appealing advert. The content is important to the advert too – people do not just look at positioning and brand name as to whether they are to click onto an advert. The description and, in particular, title, needs to portray the right amount of information to entice the web user into wanting to know more and find out – this can also be achieved by adding 1-2 call to actions within the title and description too, to evoke a reaction from the web user (being a click).

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