Facebook Ads Written by 1

The social media world always seems to be buzzing with news about Facebook Ads, and it’s no surprise. This networking giant offers companies ways to connect with their audiences in a way they never have before. Facebook has access to an enormous amount of demographic data, which can be used to help you connect with the right prospective buyers. Facebook gives businesses access to multiple bid types, so they can customize their social media marketing campaigns to fit their unique needs. Here are the four main reasons why you should think about using Facebook in your next e-commerce endeavor.

Customized Audiences

The “Audience Definition” feature in Facebook ads gives you significant control over who you reach. This tool also gives you an estimation on the total potential user reach, which can help you better calculate the ROI of this campaign. You can fine-tune your audience reach with factors such as location, age, language, gender, and interests. That way, you won’t waste your advertising budget on demographics that fall outside of your company’s scope.

Ad Objectives

When companies first embark on social media marketing campaigns, they often post a short bit of content on their networking accounts and hope for the best. Fortunately, Facebook allows organizations to tailor ads to fit the purpose and goals of their campaign. This means that companies that are driving for more app installations will get campaigns that a specifically formatted for quick and easy app installations. Each of these objectives comes with their own unique ad manager panel. Facebook’s in-house analytics tools help you monitor progress toward your objectives.


Showcase your company’s creativity by attaching images or video advertisements to your posts. Facebook will even do split testing for up to six images within a single campaign, which allows you to discover the graphics that make the biggest audience impact. Make sure that your multimedia is high quality and formatted correctly before pursuing this route.

Bidding Options

Facebook allows businesses to pay for ads based on impressions or clicks. The bidding style you choose will depend on your campaigns goals. For example, companies trying to drive traffic to their online store can benefit from CPC advertising, since they will only be charged when a Facebook user clicks through to their website.

Facebook advertising is just one of many tools used by worldwide. These efforts can increase your brand exposure with targeted audiences and help you increase conversion rates. Your company won’t be able to discover the true impact of social media marketing until you run test campaigns.

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