Black Friday 2018 is fast approaching potential, and like any other business, you should be looking at maximizing the sales you can make at this time. If you haven’t exactly laid out the plans on how you’ll be able to execute your Black Friday strategy, this guide may just be the best help you can get.

To help you make the most out of Black Friday, social media marketing can help you out. The following tips can help you come up with an effective social media marketing strategy or two for Black Friday 2018:

Update Your Social Media Profiles Accordingly

The first place to work on for you Black Friday social media marketing is your profile. You should make sure that your profile has photos, bios, and links that support your Black Friday initiatives.

Your photos, especially your cover photos, should highlight your Black Friday activities. Also, your bio should have a link to a dedicated Black Friday landing page.

If you have a presence in more than one social media site, make sure that you update all your profiles, and that all of them work together to accomplish your goal.

The profile itself should be dressed up for the occasion so make sure that you do update your social media profiles so that they are ready for Black Friday.

Give Back to an Avid Social Media Fan

It is always a good idea to boost your relationship with your customers. Doing so is an especially great social media marketing strategy. Consider holding an activity, through social media, where you can reward one of your customers.

You can randomly select from all your social media followers, or you may come up with a contest of some sort (such as a photo contest, or the best testimonial competition) then reward the best output. You may ask the participants to share and have their entries liked so that judging these entries won’t fall on your shoulders.

Doing this also brings about a positive result on your following. You would see a lot of new followers, and you would see them participating as well. Just make sure that the reward is enticing enough to encourage participation.

Make sure that you publicly announce the winner of your prizes so that your followers will know that this is not just a marketing stunt, but that you really would be true to your word in rewarding the chosen social media fan. It is important that they see that there is a winner.

Push People to Take Action

One of the best strategies to use for time-based events such as Black Friday is by tickling your customers’ sense of urgency. If your customers know that they’ll be missing out on great deals should they not buy during the event, they are most likely to buy than wait for a deal that they do not know when would be given.

By highlighting the finity of your offers, your customers would not think twice anymore and would buy instead on miss out on the opportunity of getting something at a better deal than on a regular day.

With all these said, make sure that you focus on tapping the sense of urgency of your customers. You can best do this in your call-to-action buttons.

Count Down and Live Deals

Aside from using your calls-to-actions to highlight the urgency that your offers have, you can further cause excitement by using countdowns. It is especially helpful in reminding your customers that this is a big event and that there’s a lot to gain if they purchase during this time.

To make it even exciting, tease them by coming up with scheduled deals, but keep the discounts lightly because the best offers should be during the exact date. Just tease them with these timely deals before the big day.

You can also tap some of the new functions such as Stories and Facebook Live to let your customers know about your upcoming events. Regularly tap these features at key dates before Black Friday to remind them of what you have in store for them.

The key is to excite and to remind. Do this, and you are on the right track.

Maximize the Black Friday using These Tips

The Black Friday is truly a great time for businesses. If you can maximize the potential of this observance, your business will surely drive in a lot of engagements.

For you to maximize Black Friday 2018, make sure that you tap the power of social media marketing. The tips above are some of the social media marketing tips that can be used to boost your business.

So follow these tips and get ready for the most exciting, and the most rewarding Black Friday for you and your business.

Lili Grifinn an e-commerce developer and Adwords specialist by day and a binge Netflix watcher at night. She loves sci-fi movies and laughs at silly youtube videos.

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