Running an adwords campaign and making it successful are two different things altogether. It does not take more than 5 minutes to make an adwords ad up and running. But making it successful is a different ballgame altogether. There are certain things that you need to remain aware of otherwise all your efforts to make your adwords ads successful will lead to nowhere.

1# Search Queries

Just selecting the right keyword is not end of the job. Just because you have added those keywords in the ad copy and have placed bids on those keywords, it does not mean that your ad copy will be shown to those people who are using exactly the term that you have chosen. Unless you have selected ‘exact match’, your ad copy will be shown to all people who are searching with terms that are somewhat related to the keywords that you have targeted. So that means, you need to check these search queries every now and then to ensure that you are paying for those clicks that are not going to contribute to the conversion rate of your website.

2# Negative Keywords

The next crucial thing is the use of negative keywords. Say for example that you find some search queries that are irrelevant to your ad campaign. Now by using negative keywords, you can stop your ad from appearing on those search queries. Say for example, if you have targeted the keyword – ‘web design Melbourne’, your ad may appear for terms like ‘web design courses in Melbourne’ and as expected, this ad has nothing to do with the web design courses. So, to make your ad stop appearing on these related keywords, you need to add ‘course’ as negative keyword. Law Firm Authority was once struggling with low conversion rate of their website but they fixed the problem by adding negative keywords.

3# Use Multiple Ad Copies

You should not be using only one version of your ad copy rather you should create multiple ad copies as to figure out which ad copy is performing well. Use different Call to Action texts and change the placement of keywords in the ad copy and then run these multiple ad copies for a while and eventually, you will be able to identify the best and the worst performing ad copies. This is certainly one of the most effective ways to ensure that you are paying for the clicks that are adding to the conversion rate of the website.

4# Keywords Match Type

By default all your keywords will be treated as board match. If you opt for board match type, you ad will be shown if people search with terms that contain any of the keyword that you have selected in any order. Your ad will also appear for close variations of your keywords.

With Phrase match, your ad copy will be shown when someone searches with the exact keyword with additional words after or before it. This match type gives you some flexibility and has some added advantages. Like you can be sure of one thing that your ad will be shown when people are making searches with keywords include the selected keyword in the precise order.

If you opt for Exact Match, your ad will be shown to the searchers only when they are searching with exactly the keyword that you have selected. There should be no change in then order and no extra word can be included in the search term otherwise you ad will not be shown to the searchers.

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