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Low Quality Content

Google, being the biggest search engine in the world, always want to provide the best user experience to its user all over the world. Google really give high preference to website content before assigning it a position in its search results. The more high quality and relevant content you have, the higher will be your ranking chances in search results. So, always try to provide high quality information to your online readers to get noticed in the eyes of Google.

Poor Internal Linking

Another common mistake often done by webmasters is the poor internal linking. Spend some time on your website and link internal pages in such a way so that when a visitor land on your website, he/she can also check other pages. This will help you in two ways; one you can have back links using the anchor text of your own choice as internal link is still a back link in the eyes of Google. The second advantage is that it will reduce the bounce rate of your website which is also very significant for your higher search engine rankings.

Missing Images or Alt Tag

Sometimes, you have a quality post on your blog but you don’t have image or you have image but the “alt tag “is missing. This is also a worst SEO mistake as your site can get ranking for the images you use. Therefore, missing an image means, you are reducing your chances of getting higher ranking.

So, if you spend some time on your word Press site in fixing these common SEO mistakes, you will see a dramatic improvement in your search engine ranking.

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