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A business, no matter what type they are, will always have a marketing sector where they will budget for ways to promote their business and product which will primarily increases sales. With technology forever increasing, businesses that still use traditional methods of advertising such as banner advertising on the street will not gain as effective results as the more technologically advanced forms of advertising such as pay per click. Businesses are scared the majority of the time to try PPC out because they feel the campaigns they run will not have the same magnitude as the advertising they previously used. As well as that, there are no assets: nothing you can touch like you can do with a banner. PPC is all electronic.

Here are five benefits PPC can have on a business. Each benefit can be easily obtained and also highlights the drawbacks of older forms of advertising:


It’s Fast

The ability to kick start a campaign in under five minutes takes advertising from a  business perspective to an all new level. Advertising campaigns for a business can take more than months to complete and get running. Designing the advert, how you are going to brand it, where you are going to brand it, what you are going to advertise with: this all takes time. PPC eliminates this time and as everyone knows, time = money.


It’s Easy

PPC is the easiest form of advertising to work with by miles. By a week of so, you would have become a PPC expert because there is not much you need to know. For this reason, you can get all kinds of people creating campaigns for businesses and not just the marketing directors of businesses who claim they have expertise in PPC that others don’t.


It’s Cost Efficient 

With the current economic crisis we are facing, more and more businesses are finding it difficult to not cut budgets down. The one sector of the business businesses tend to always resort to for budget cuts is the marketing side because they feel it is not a necessity to the business and they will be able to survive without it. This is wrong. With a marketing side to the business, there is no way you can bring in sales. Advertising is what gains most businesses most their sales. Anyway, back to my point, a business will not need to make any budget cuts to the marketing side of the business because PPC is already an extremely cost efficient solution to advertising. You only pay for the clicks. This is what makes PPC different to other forms of advertising: your success is directly proportional to the cost of having the success.


Analytical Data

If you had an advert on the TV, there is no way the TV channel provider could say to you, ‘your TV advert had ‘X’ amount of success which made you ‘Y’ amount of sales’. It’ s impossible. However, with PPC, due to the in-depth statistics AdWords and Google Analytics offers to advertisers, you can follow the success of your campaign always.

Do you still use a phone the size of a brick with a black and white screen?

Of course you don’t! Technology increases so dramatically fast, it seems everything is always being updated: even advertising. For this reason, more businesses should give the online revolution (PPC) a go.

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