When it comes to creating a PPC campaign, it can be considered that the most important and significant aspect of the campaign is in fact the landing page. As I always say, the landing page is the final step to your campaign. A PPC campaign’s objective is to get targeted traffic to the landing page. If the landing page is not effective enough, this expensive targeted traffic to the landing page will be for nothing. Therefore, it is important PPC advertisers know how to optimize their landing page.


Understand Your Target Market

A common mistake PPC advertisers make with their campaign is that they don’t entirely know the segmentation of the market they are targeting their campaign and landing page at. If you don’t know your target market, you won’t know what your target market want, need and will buy. Therefore, to improve a landing page, you need to know your target market. Once you know your target market, you can then improve your landing page to make it specific to the type of traffic that is going to it. You can do this through looking at the different types of landing pages on offer to use for your PPC campaign. From micro-sites to lead capture pages, there are many different types of landing pages you can choose from to help increase the performance of your landing page.


Custom Landing Pages For Each Campaign

Another mistake PPC advertisers make is that they use the same landing page for multiple campaigns. This, in turn, can provide a few problems:

  • A landing page should be specific to the PPC campaign. Therefore, it cannot work when there is a universal landing page for multiple campaigns.
  • Through having the landing page represent multiple campaigns means that the landing page has different types of traffic reaching it. This is a problem due to the fact that the landing page will not be able to be specific to each separate campaign.
There are PPC campaigns out there that use the same landing page for multiple campaigns such as Nike (who use their homepage as a landing page). Therefore, don’t think you are doing wrong if you are using one landing page for multiple campaigns. If your landing page is targeting at different segments of the market, then it is fine to use that page with multiple campaigns: you need to just make sure you are not taking the easy route when creating landing pages for a PPC campaign.

Think Conversion

We all know that landing page’s main objective is to gain conversions out of the traffic produced from a PPC campaign. Therefore, upon entering a landing page, it should be metaphorically screaming out for a conversion. If you make it hard for your PPC traffic to gain a conversion, then it will be hard in gaining a high conversion rate. From this, make it extremely simple how your traffic can gain a conversion on your PPC landing page. Always remember that the landing page wants conversions. Do not get distracted by other factors you may want to include on your landing page. If you include other elements onto your landing page such as links, it may distract the web user from creating a conversion. For this reason, only include extra elements to a landing page which will not decrease the conversion rate such as social media buttons.

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