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The PPC search advert is a crucial part to the whole PPC campaign. It is the first part of a PPC campaign that the web user reads and interacts with. It is where the advert first describes what you are trying to market and is the first port of call to entice the web user into converting at a later stage. For this reason, there is of utmost importance to have a good ad copy for your PPC text ads. Here are 3 ways to improve your PPC ad copy for search adverts.


Be Concise with Information

There is a severely limited amount of space to market in a PPC advert. Although some adverts do work well stuffing it with long sentences of content, the vast majority work best by being concise and to the point.

This can be achieved a number of ways in different areas of the advert:

  • Using ‘|’ or full stops to break up mini-points in the title and description.
  • Add numbers, since they provide concise information regarding what you are marketing.
  • Use ad extensions, since these are effective at displaying information that might be difficult to stick in the title or description, such as ratings, reviews, location or a telephone number.


Include a Call to Action

I am a firm believer in there being a call to action in a PPC search advert, either in the title, description, or both. It is a great way to induce an action from the web user – for us, this would be a click onto the advert to push them to the landing page. Call to actions do not take up much space, and neither do they come across as forceful to make the web user do something. They are there to simply remind the web user that if they want to continue finding out about whatever is being marketed, they have to do so by clicking on the advert.


Be Understanding to the Web User

A great way to increase the click through rate and conversion of an advert/PPC campaign is through being empathetic to the web user. By this, realize what annoys or frustrates your web user in your market segment (through market research) and stop doing them, making clear of that in the advert. For example, you might be in a market where customer service is extremely poor. For this reason, you could make clear in the advert that you have phone support with the call extension and that you are available 24/7. Some people might be fishy that it is ‘too good to be true’ so it would be a suitable idea to use the ratings extension. By addressing the negative, you can turn such feelings from the web users into reasons to click onto your advert.

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