With the heavy amounts of traffic on Facebook and your newsletter list being one of the most reliable sources of income for a Marketer, people are always looking for new ways to be able to increase opt in sign ups without having to spend a ton of money.  Here are two tools with free options that can help you to collect email addresses and newsletter sign ups using social media sites like Facebook.


Pagemodo is a Facebook tab creating tool.  One of the most popular tabs is the contact us form.  You have two options with this form.  1.  You can use a normal contact us template which allows your customers or fans to email you or 2.  You can use custom html.  With the custom html you can use your newsletter or email service provider to enter in custom code as well as an opt in box for your newsletters.  Another option is to add a click here link to sign up for a newsletter that opens a new window.  If you also want to try and increase your fans, Pagemodo offers like gates with paid versions so that people have to like your page to access your content or to reach out to you on the contact form.  This is a great way to increase your likes.


Viewbix is an awesome new tool that enables you to add social apps, interactive apps and more importantly newsletter collection apps into your videos for when they are shared on social sites like Facebook.  All you have to do is upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo or most other major video sites and then select it from the Viewbix studio.  Now you can start adding on apps and calls to action for free.  Two ways that people are using Viewbix to collect email addresses are through the buttons you can add and customize as well as the newsletter partner apps.

In the video below you’ll see that I created two different ways to join my newsletter.  In the first one you can click on the button on the top right and it will take you to my blog’s newsletter sign up page.  The second way you can sign up is through the MailChimp app I added to the right hand side of the video.  I also added a way for people to see my RSS feeds and photos.  What’s also neat about this app is that you can add Skype to it so that when people are watching on Facebook and other sites, they can actually contact you through the video as well as sign up for your newsletter.  You can find other ways to use the Viewbix studio here on Adam Riemer’s site.  (Here is the post with how to use it).

Newsletter lists are some of the most important things for Marketers to collect.  You can rely on them to drive traffic, you can sell ad space on them and you can almost always guarantee sales from them if you don’t overuse or overmail them.  With more and more people focusing on sites like Facebook to generate more buzz about their brands and drive traffic and sales, it’s also important to think about how to gather their data so you can market back to them again and again.

This guest post was written by Adam Riemer of ViewBix.com.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.com.

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