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The truth is that pay per click advertising is such a customisable form of online advertising that it can be very difficult finding 3 Ways To Rapidly Improve A PPC Campaignways to rapidly improve a campaign. The improvement tips for a campaign selling cars may necessarily not apply to that of a campaign that wants to gain emails from web users to promote email marketing. However, putting this aside, below are some ways most PPC advertisers can improve their campaign to make it much more successful and cost efficient.



It starts with your advert…make it amazing

The first step to improving your campaign involves the advert. The advert is the first element of your campaign web users will see. For this reason, you need to make sure it is as well designed as possible to gaining clicks not just from web users but contextually interested web users.

What your advert needs to include is a source of information which the web user knows he or she can find out more about if he or she clicks onto the advert. If you do not do this, there is no enticement to click onto the advert. As well as this, your advert should include a call to action, as this will be directly asking the web user to carry out an action you want them to do (and in doing so, they will be more likely to do it).



Then onto your landing page, not your homepage

Many advertisers out there tend to point PPC traffic to their homepage. There are a few reasons they may do this:

  • Because the advertiser believes the best page to send traffic to is the homepage, like what Amazon kind of did with their campaign.
  • The advertiser is too lazy or hasn’t got the time to create a designated landing page for their campaign and resorted to using the homepage as it instead.

You will find that the homepage for some campaigns will work best as a landing page. However, the majority of campaigns will work much better if there was a designated landing page. If you want to create a landing page, first choose what type of landing page you want to use first.



Content on landing page…images work better

Forgetting if you have used a homepage as your landing page or not, you will need to try and minimise the amount of words you have on your landing page since the more words you have for the web user to read, the more bored they will get and the higher the exit rate of your landing page will be. For this reason, it is best to try and represent as much content as possible through images or videos since it requires a lot less work for the web user to digest the content. This, in turn, will increase your conversion rate of your landing page.

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