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In theory, this is the million dollar question every web owner wants to know. What is the best way to monetize a website? Well, 3 Ways You Can Monetize a Websitefrom my experience of running and monetizing websites, the first thing every web owner should know is that the best way to monetize a website is not always the same for every website. There are many variables that change how well a website gets monetized such as the type of traffic, statistics of the traffic, web design and layout as well as the content of course. Putting this aside, here are three ways you can monetize a website effectively.



PPC Advertising

From experimenting numerous amounts of time, PPC is by far the most effective way to make the most amount of money from traffic. It’s level of customization along with the support of the ‘big boys’ on the internet like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo (depending on what PPC advertising program you use).

As well as this, there are now companies and programs like Ezoic that will optimise your website to make even more money from PPC. Not only do you have the most used form of advertising on your website, you also have the support of a separate company to help optimise the PPC adverts on your website.



Banner Advertising

I always see banner advertising as a second place to PPC for a few reasons. Independently, it is difficult to make money from it. However, together with PPC and it produces synergy-like results. That is the great thing about banner advertising programs like : you can use it alongside PPC to profit from the areas of your website that will naturally not work well for PPC. This means less space on your website is wasted away to nothing in financial terms.



Affiliate Programs

The only real program with affiliate programs is that the level of success websites get from using these programs varies considerably. This is because unless you are a website that is promoting a product/service, then there is not much use to using affiliate programs. The idea of these programs is to send the web user to a page to buy a product or service and only once that web user purchases it does the web owner get a percentage the earnings from that sale – no earnings for clicks but conversions.

For this reason, only try out affiliate programs if you are a website that is, lets say, got reviews of products on it etc. as then it would make sense to give web users a chance to buy the product or service at the end of reading an article on it.



Ultimately, if I was you, a website owner unsure about how to make money from his website, try all and every single type of program possible on your website. Only once you have done that will you know for sure which program works best on your website to make you the most amount of money.

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