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When starting a business or trying to attract new customers to an existing business, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a great tool. PPC campaigns are based on websites placing ad links to a business’s website or specific product page, in exchange for financial compensation when visitors click on the ad links. Ideally, webpages that PPC ads are placed upon share the same target audience as the business the ads are promoting which makes an ideal working advertising relationship for both parties involved.

However, businesses planning on using the PPC method of advertising need reliable web hosting, whether through dedicated servers or alternative means. If a business’s webpage lacks adequate hosting, all the money that is spent on PPC marketing may be a total waste.

Unreliable Webpages Don’t Attract Customers

Once a site user clicks on a business’s PPC ad, the business is obligated to pay the webpage the ad was placed upon for the click. If the webpage that the customer is directed to is experiencing an outage or not loading properly, odds are the user will close the page and never think to return to it again. Therefore, all the PPC ad being used has done is told a potential consumer that the company in question is unreliable and doesn’t feel the need to invest in a reliable hosting option like dedicated servers.

Badly Hosted Webpages Lose Money

Every time someone clicks on a PPC ad link, a business has to pay the webpage promoting that ad, whether their webpage is working when someone clicks on it or not. Sure, the amount paid out for one click doesn’t seem like much, but if lots of users are consistently clicking on an ad link that directs them to a webpage that is down, it is going to add up very quickly. This is one of the ways companies can directly and quickly lose money on otherwise promising PPC ad campaigns.

Consumers Don’t Trust Webpages With Spotty Service

If a customer goes to input their credit card or Paypal information on a business’s checkout page and the page fails to load or goes down, they might be forced to consider that the website they are about to put important financial information into isn’t reliable. This may cause them to and not spend money on the website after all. Some consumers might even do more than decide against buying a company’s product; they might even tell their friends that they think that the company is unreliable as well!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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