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For a lot of businesses out there, the majority of the revenue produced for the year will come during the holiday season before Christmas, simply because of the increased spending of consumers to buy gifts for family and friends. This is generally why the EPMV (earning per thousand visitors) for publishers from the likes of Ezoic tends to increase during the run up to Christmas – web users are worth a lot more during this time because the return of investment is generally higher than the rest of the year.

The problem comes after Christmas: what do advertisers do during this moment of the year? Spending is sometimes up due to the discounted sales. But, depending on the area you are promoting and trying to sell, you may find it harder than normal to get a conversion. For this reason, here are some tips for you if you are running or looking to run a successful post-Christmas PPC campaign.


#1 Offer Financial Incentives

The main problem all businesses have with post-Christmas is that the consumer tends to not have much money left to spend. For this reason, just like the Boxing day and January sales state, it is a wise choice to offer a limited time discount for web users to take advantage of through your PPC campaign. For example, it would work well to include a discount code in your PPC title or description which provides a discount, such as 10% off, at the checkout for a limited time only. Rarely do consumers buy anything post-Christmas without some sort of discount.


#2 Increase your Campaign’s CPC

A general problem websites face during the Christmas period and post Christmas (between 2-3 weeks after Christmas) is the traffic drop caused by the holiday season. For example, here is the traffic of one of my websites which is a good representation as to how traffic drops for websites over such a season:

In general, people are far less online over the holiday season and early new year than any other time of the year. For this reason, to get the number one spot of paid search results or lots of traffic to your PPC campaign’s landing page, you might need to increase the CPC you are currently bidding at. This is because the supply of traffic has diminished. When the demand for traffic stays the same but the supply reduces, the cost of the traffic will naturally increase.


#3 Take Advantage of New Year Resolutions

Most people will have some sort of New Year resolution, be it to lose wait, quit smoking/drinking or do something with their life for the coming year. During the new year, people like to be very proactive towards their New Year resolution, which can be an effective way to profit from such a tradition. Incorporating a New Year resolution into your conversion could be an easy way to increase the return of investment on your PPC campaign. For example, if you was trying to sell WordPress hosting, you could have it as a New Year resolution to the web user to halve the price of the hosting package of your website to reduce the running website cost – the way they can achieve this is through buying your WordPress hosting.

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