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Gaining clicks on a PPC advert is crucial to the success of a PPC campaign. Most advertisers will see the success rate of an advert by being how 3 Things Your PPC Text Advert Should Includehigh the CTR is of it. However, a text advert is far more than just the click through rate. For example, if you claim one thing in your advert and your landing page says something different, you will have a low conversion rate. Therefore, it is important that whatever you include in your PPC text advert is related to the contents of your landing page .


There are many elements a text advert should have which can make it more successful in enticing people to the content of a landing page. Here are some of these elements listed below.


Power Words

Power words can be deemed to be the most powerful words that influence people in the English dictionary. It is a must have to include at least one power word into your PPC text advert to influence and encourage web users to click onto your advert. Here are some examples of power words:

  • You
  • Money
  • New
  • Save
  • Results
  • Easy
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Discovery
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed

By including at least one of these words, you will be significantly improving the chances that your PPC advert will be clicked on. However, it must be warned that using too many of these will do the exact opposite effect. The ‘too good to be true’ phrase will start to apply to your advert which is a bad trait to possess in pay per click advertising.



Use A Custom Domain

A great thing about PPC is that you can change the domain or URL displayed in the text advert to just about anything you want. This means that if your landing page has a long and boring URL, you can replace the shown URL with something smaller, to the point, and even with the inclusion of power words. For example, if your actually landing page’s URL was http://www.comparetabletprices.com/apple/ipad/wjefojiixwex/ehoufhwhe-112212.html (I just made that up), you could replace this will just ‘www.comparetabletprices.com/iPad’ removing both the ‘http://’ from the domain and the rest of the junk from the URL.



A Short and Snappy Description

The objective of the description is provide just enough information to entice the reader into clicking on the advert with the aim of finding out more information about the advert’s contents. It is true that you could potentially fill your description with two lines of information. However, you will have to remember that the attention span of web users is extremely low: they will most likely not read the description and just take a quick glance at the title of the advert instead. By having a short and snappy description, visually, it will look short and snappy. Therefore, web users are more likely to read it after reading the advert’s title. A good example of a short and snappy description comes from Google with a PPC text advert about their Google Chromebook.

For Everyone. Learn more. Just £229

This description tells us:

  • Who this laptop is aimed at.
  • What you will achieve from clicking on the advert.
  • A USP the advert has to entice you further.

Google have done all this with just five words and three numbers. This makes clear that a description can be short and snappy – just make sure that what you are displaying the description is worth mentioning.

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