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The internet is expanding, at what seems, an exponential rate. Although it may seem that every domain 3 Rookie SEO Mistakes to Avoidhas been taken and every idea for a good website has already been created, there are still thousands, if not millions, of websites that still have not been created into niche areas online that have the potential to come very successful. Basically, there is still room for people to create websites and always will be. If you feel you are in the shoes to start a new website or just started one, SEO may seem quite a challenge since you will need good SEO for your website to have any sort of success. With this in mind, here are 3 rookie mistakes to avoid when it comes to search engine optimisation.


#1 Rebranding

In the eyes of the SEO world, this a big no no! Rebranding may do your business good in the sense that it may make you reach a more targeted market and give you a name that is more recognisable. However, if you do not have the budget, time and effort to rebuild your current SEO presence for your current brand to a your new brand, then it really is not worth it.

The problem is that Google and other search engines do not really look at rebranding as ‘oh you’re changing your brand name’. They see the new brand as a separate brand entirely to your first brand name. For this reason, it is almost like starting completely from scratch, in terms of SEO.



#2 Concentrating Solely on Google

It is true that Google is the biggest search engine out there (and probably will ever be). However, this is not an excuse to concentrate all your efforts on Google and not the other search engines. For example, for the majority of my websites, ~80% of the total traffic comes from search engines and of that traffic, only ~70% comes from Google. If my website achieves 100,000 visitors a month, if I did not put effort into the other search engines out there, I would be losing potentially over 280,000 visitors every year!

Therefore, make sure you look into optimising your website for other search engines too such as Yahoo and Bing.  Submit your URLs and spend some time learning how to improve your search ranking for search engines other than Google – you will be surprised just how much extra traffic you can achieve through this.



#3 Inconsistency

Getting good SEO does not happen over night. It takes time and, above all, consistency. You cannot achieve good SEO results if you give it a go every now and then. For example, you cannot chuck 100 articles all online at once and hope this will get you good SEO. SEO is not a sprint but a marathon. Therefore, pace yourself and make sure whatever habit you get into with regards to your website and article creation, you stick to it for the long term.

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