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Long tail or niche keywords are the terms used to describe keywords which, as the name suggests, are very specific which can usually result in them being long. For a PPC campaign, long tail and 3 Reasons To Use Niche Keywords in PPCniche keywords have the distinctive possibility to considerably improve the performance of such a campaign. However, some advertisers will not feel the need for long tail and niche keywords: especially if they think their campaign is running pretty well without them.  For this reason, here are a few reasons to use long tail/niche keywords in pay per click advertising.


#1 They Bring High Conversion Rates

The great thing about these type of keywords is that they usually come with a much higher conversion rate than standard keywords you would normally bid for. This is because the majority of keywords advertisers bid for, the web user is unsure of what he or she wants and will be conducting online research before making the conversion. With long tail and niche keywords, since they are so specific, the chances are that the web user has already made their mind up about converting and is literally just trying to find a website where they can perform this conversion. An example will be if they wanted to buy a used Ford Fiesta from 2013, they would search something such as ‘buy 2013 ford fiesta used’ – this is a long tail keyword search phrase for which will have a very likely chance of getting a conversion at the end of it (and one that is worth a lot too).


#2 They are Usually Cheaper

The great thing about niche keywords is the fact that because they are so specific, looking at the most specific area of a certain market, the competition will be much lower than generic keywords. For this reason, like the old saying goes ‘supply and demand’, the demand has fallen with the supply staying the same. Therefore, the cost per click (CPC) for such keywords will be much less when compared to generic/standard keywords.


#3 They are More Common than You Think

From reading this, I can presume some of you will be thinking ‘if they are very specific, surely there are less people that will be searching using niche and long tail keywords’. This is not always the case. There are many people that use long tail and niche keywords to find exactly what you want. This is because they know long tail search phrase will more likely help them find exactly what they wanted. An example could be for someone to buy a gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor. They could search to ‘buy a laptop’ but they will have to sift through the results to find just gaming laptops. Therefore, it will always make more sense for the web user to search more specific at times than vague such as, in this example, ‘buy gaming laptop i7’.

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