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For the majority of advertisers, you will find that their PPC campaigns are generally successful in gaining targeted traffic to a landing page which usually results in a conversion. However, there will be advertisers that struggle to make a PPC campaign a success. For these advertisers, they are most likely making common PPC mistakes that many other advertisers also make in PPC. If you find that your campaign is not running to the objectives and standards you set it, have a look below at some reasons why PPC campaigns fail. If you are doing one of the below mistakes, at least you know you are doing it so you can rectify the problem in future.


Lack of Call to Actions

A call to action, as it says in the name, is an action you want the web user to do and is most commonly found in the advert and on the landing page.

The reason why call to actions are so effective is because they can help increase your CTR and conversion rate as they are instructing the web user to do an action (which, in most cases, is a click or a conversion). In some aspects, you need to treat your target web traffic as clueless people that need to be instructed. After all, if your not telling them what you want them to do, how can you expect them to do it?



Do you use Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are vital to the success of a PPC campaign as they help guide traffic to more specific areas than a normal PPC text advert can usually. If you are unsure what an ad extension is, look at the following below ad extension in this example:

Reasons PPC Campaigns Fail

Hopefully, you will be able to identity that all three adverts have ad extensions:

  • Tesco has extra links.
  • Argos has Google+ extra.
  • LG has Google+ and extra links.

One landing page for a text advert can be quite challenging depending on what you are trying to advertise. For this reason, it is a wise move to try ad extensions as it helps target even more specific web users since they have a choice of links for your campaign to click on. You will rarely find ad extensions hindering performance.



Mobile Traffic!

For first time advertisers of PPC, some forget to target mobile traffic since they are concentrated on traffic from laptops and computers. Considering how many people who have phones and use Google, it is vital to include mobile traffic into your PPC campaign and optimise your campaign for this too. Mobile traffic, depending on what you are advertising, has the potential to make a campaign extremely successful.

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