As I say time and time again, the landing page is one of, if not the, most important aspect of a PPC campaign. For 3 Must Use PPC Landing Page Tipsthis reason, it is vital to the performance of the campaign to get the landing page right. Of course, every landing page is going to be different so below are some universal tips any PPC advertiser can use to improve their PPC landing page or help realise the mistakes they have made in it.



Is It Relevant To The PPC Advert?

From looking at many different types of campaigns in my ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign‘ series, I have found that some of the poorly optimised campaigns are poor because the landing pages are just not related enough to the contents of the search or display adverts. For example, if you have an advert that is talking about women clothing, there is no point having both women and men’s clothing on the landing page.

The way you can find out if your landing page is relevant enough to the PPC advert is to start by going backwards. Look at you landing page and, from reading the contents of it, create 2-3 PPC search or display adverts. From this, compare the adverts you just created to the one you are using. If they are very similar, this is good news. If they are quite different, you know you will be miss-targeting traffic since they will be going onto a landing page with different expectations to the one you produced.



Limit Text

Web users do not have a large attention span online for the simple reason that the next best thing is always a click and 5 seconds away. For this reason, once you have done the tough part of getting traffic to the landing page, make sure you keep them on it for long enough to get a conversion. This can be done by limiting the text displayed on the landing page since text is usually boring to read and view. Images have the potential to display a thousand words (a good example of this is Netflix’s PPC landing page). Where ever you can convert text to images, do it!



Is It Obvious What Type Of Landing Page Your Using?

Another factor that will help you realise if your landing is good or not is if you can tell (and get others to tell) what type of landing page you are using. For example, if it has a large button to click onto, it is obvious it is a click through page. If there are text boxes to fill in, it is a lead capture page. By identifying what type of landing page you have easily means so will the traffic, resulting in them giving you the conversion you want. If it is not obvious what type of landing page you have, then make it!

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