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Search engine optimization is all too crucial to, pretty much, the performance of every website online. If you have good SEO and rank high for relevant keywords, then it is a safe bet to say that the website will generally do well.

There are hundreds and hundreds of techniques that a website owner can implement to further improve the SEO of their website. Some will make huge differences to it whilst others will only be minor tweaks. From creating a highly-SEOed content mill and other organic traffic driven websites, here are three things I always do to further improve the SEO of a website.



#1 Decipher Top Traffic Articles

At the end of the day, the way you conduct SEO for your website will vary slightly to other websites, simply because some SEO techniques will work really well for one website but not so well for another. For this reason, as much as reading up on the techniques to implement good SEO of a website, the best thing to do is to see why your best articles are gaining the most amount of traffic – analyse what makes your best articles gain the most amount of traffic.

From doing this, you can continue to implement the SEO techniques you have adopted in such articles for future articles, and continue to analyse them to see if it is continuing the trend of gaining lots of traffic.



#2 Decipher Poor Traffic Articles

At the same time when analysing the best content, you need to also understand where the flaws are in your SEO techniques with your poorest performing content. With this, analyse the worst content on your website, for both ranking and gaining traffic and understand why this is the case. Again, this will help you eradicate such bad habits from progressing forward with new content improving the overall SEO of your website and new content.



#3 Improve Top Traffic Articles

Automatically, you would think it is a good idea to improve the worst content’s SEO rather than the best content’s. Some will argue this should be the case. However, if you improve the bad content’s SEO, then what you will tend to find is:

  • The website’s SEO will slightly increase.
  • The poor content’s SEO will increase.
  • The traffic of the poor content will increase a bit too, if the ranking increases.

However, if you focused your efforts on the best content, then you will tend to find that:

  • The website’s SEO will increase.
  • The content’s SEO will increase.
  • The traffic to the content will increase, potentially, quite a lot. This is because the difference in traffic between #1 and #2 results is a lot bigger than the difference between, for example, #9 and #10, especially if you can push to get the content into the rich snippet section.

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