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We have all had that time on the internet where we want to browse a topic and simply digest information in an easy and painless way. This is usually where my articles on PPC tips work well as they highlight quick and easy tips to implement into a PPC campaign that the 3 Generalized Tips For PPC Advertisersvast majority of advertisers can use. Progressing on from this idea, here are three universal or generalized tips advertisers of pay per click advertising can use in their PPC campaigns to make them that bit more successful.



Adapt Your Campaign Based On Time Of Year

The first and critical tip advertisers should do is adapt and change their PPC campaign based on what time of year the campaign is running in. This is because there are many variables that change over time so to make sure your campaign stays a success, it should also need to adapt to these changes. Here are some simple examples of this:

  • Giving your campaign a festive look and increasing your budget to take advantage of the Christmas rush for buying gifts.
  • Potentially making your campaign more price sensitive in January to attract web users into buying after Christmas.
  • Adapting the campaign to a publicised event such as an election campaign, sporting event or news story.



Always Include Negative and Niche Keywords

A common mistake advertisers make with their keyword selection is that they tend to stick to competitive keywords that have high cost per clicks – if you do this, not only will you make little amounts of money from PPC, you will also be wasting your time pushing your campaign into a bidding war against other competitors within your market. For this reason, it is a necessity to make sure you have both negative and niche keywords in your campaign. After all, you will want to prevent your advert showing for poorly converting keywords and also target keywords that are specific to what you are advertising with a low CPC.



A PPC Campaign Is Never Perfect

I think this last point is the most crucial of the three. For a lot of advertisers, they will create a great PPC campaign, set it up to automatically run on a certain budget and that is it. This is great for the first few weeks (or potentially months) where the campaign brings in the right type of traffic at the right price. However, a campaign is a living thing: you cannot just create it and leave it there to rot. It needs constantly updating and changing in order for it to be as effective as possible.


The way I look at a PPC campaign is like running a car. Think of the fuel going into the car like the cash going into running your PPC campaign. If you forget to service a car or an MOT, it will develop lots of problems and run inefficiently. If you forget to update or check over your PPC campaign, the same will occur.

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