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Pay per click advertising is one of, if not the, best way to gain contextual traffic online. It has its many many advantages over other 3 Errors Advertisers Make In PPCforms of advertising. However, this does not mean it will always be a successful form of advertising. The truth to the matter is that PPC can become rather costly and inefficient if you, the advertiser, makes mistakes in your campaign. For this reason, here are three errors you could be making in your PPC that is costing you bucks. 



This may sound silly but misspellings and typos contribute a lot to making a campaign not convert. For example, you could have typos:

  • In your advert, which would make your advert seem not professional reducing its click through rate.
  • In your landing page reducing the chances of gaining a conversion.
  • In your CPC which would either make you spend too little per click so you do not get any traffic or too much per click so your whole budget is wiped out with a little amount of traffic going to your landing page.
  • Your budget itself, so you under or, even worse, over spend for your whole campaign.

I know you probably think you have no typos in your campaign. But, for just the sake of it check because it is such an easy error you can solve that can have such beneficial repercussions on your campaign as a whole.



Not Using Extensions

If you want to gain the best results from PPC, it is a must to use ad extensions alongside your search advert. Ad extensions are a great way of making your advert appeal more to the web user, since they provide extra information towards your advert that may interest the web user more. Although some of the ad extensions are automatically added by Google, you can manually include some ad extensions too.



Lack of Goals, Aims and Objectives

Without setting valid goals, aims or objectives, it will be very hard to make your campaign stop which will just cost you more money. Before you even start your campaign, you need a clear idea of:

  • Why you are creating a PPC campaign.
  • What you want to achieve from your PPC campaign.
  • How long you want to run it for.
  • How much traffic you want to gain.
  • How many conversions you want to gain from this traffic.

By having answers to the above questions means you will be able to set clear goals for your campaign to achieve and if it is underachieving, at least you know so you can improve your campaign (as well as if you see your campaign doing better than the objective, you know its on track to reach its goals and doesn’t need changing).

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