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There are many tips PPC advertisers can take note of that will help improve the overall success of their 3 Enticements to Include in PPC Search Advertadverts. This ranges from what ad extensions to choose for a search advert, whether to go for #1 paid search result or not, down to what type of device you want the web user to use when they see your advert and more. However, this could all be for nothing if the actual content of your search advert is not up to scratch and engaging and enticing enough to get the web user to click onto your advert. For this reason, here are a few things you can include within the content of the advert to help provide ammunition as to why the web user should click on your advert.



#1 Illustrate a Financial Discount

It is a well known fact that web users are price sensitive due to the fact that it is usually the main differentiator between buying from one website as opposed to another. The best next option is always one or two clicks away which also contributes to why the strategy for pricing online is so crucial.

For this reason, it can be seen to be an absolute necessity to include some sort of reference to your pricing, be it that you have already low prices or have a special offer or discount on that runs out soon – I prefer to use the a promotional offer since it can help inject a sense of urgency to the web user to buy whatever you are offering: even if they are not totally prepared or ready to buy it yet.



#2 Free Shipping

The cost to dispatch and ship a product can sometimes be the ‘make or break’ part of a conversion – nobody likes the additional cost of shipping. Therefore, to encourage web users to shop with you, you can offer free shipping (and, if you are feeling very generous, free next day delivery shipping – this would encourage a lot more sales)! Although this would eat away into your profit margin slightly, the extra sales you would gain would make it clear it is a decision worth keeping.



#3 Address a USP

Let’s be honest. In PPC search adverts, there is not a lot of space to advertise something. For example, if you are advertising a car with many new features, you probably only just about have enough space to advertise one USP (or two if you are lucky). For this reason, whatever you are trying to promote, pinpoint the number one unique selling point to it which will attract the most attention to it – this what your PPC search advert should focus on. After all, a unique selling point, as it states in the name, is something that is unique to your product and will make web users go ‘I want/need that’ because of that USP.

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