Creating the ‘perfect’ landing page is an impossible task. The reason I say this is because there is always areas any 3 Elements To Include On A Landing Pagelanding page can improve. Hopefully, by reading articles such as the Different Types Of Landing Pages, you will hopefully have gained a good idea of the type of landing page you will want to use from the selection out there already to choose from. After choosing what type of landing page to use, the next step is to fill your landing page with content along with different elements such as sidebar widgets. However, what widgets should you include on a landing page? Here are some examples of the type of elements or widgets you should include.



AddThis Social Share Buttons

This is specific so, if you want, this can be broadened to any type of social media share buttons. The reason you should include social media buttons on a landing page is very simple:

  • The chances are that the PPC traffic that enters onto your landing page will be interested in the contents of your landing page.
  • Due to this reason, the PPC traffic will be enticed into sharing the landing page with their social media networks using the implemented social media buttons.
  • The chances are that the social media users that interact with the traffic that shared the landing page will have similar interests. Therefore, after seeing what the PPC traffic shared, the chances are that the social media users will click onto the link to view the landing page too.
  • You will have gained extra contextual traffic at no additional cost.




As I have mentioned time and time again, an image has the potential to be worth a thousand words. As well as this, an image is by far the best way to hold information on a landing page since content and text will bore the web user if used too much causing them to exit the landing page.

I am not saying to use just images. The best landing pages use a blend of images and content to display the necessary amount of information to gain conversions. Therefore, if you are not using images in your landing page yet, look at what content on your landing page can be converted to image form.



Navigation Menu

Although a well optimised PPC campaign will mean 100% of your PPC traffic land on the exact page right for a conversion, the chances are that one or two of your traffic will not be on the exact right page. For example, if you are a car dealership and your landing page showed sports cars, some of your traffic might only be looking to buy hatchbacks. This is when the navigation menu comes into place. Placing a navigation menu on a landing page gives the web user full access to your whole website so they can easily go to the area that is most interesting and relevant to them. The best navigation menus are the ones which expand upon hovering since they hold much more information and links than traditional stand alone linked navigation menus so look to implement them first as your navigation menu.

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