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Making sure your search advert includes the right information in the right style for what you are 3 Elements to Include in Every PPC Search Advertadvertising is crucial to the success of your overall PPC campaign. If you are struggling to get clicks for your search advert, not only will this not help the rest of your campaign, it suggests that your search advert might not be optimised for what you are promoting. With this in mind, here are three elements every advertiser should include in a search advert to make sure their search advert gains as much contextual clicks as possible from the impressions they get.


#1 Your Brand Name Twice (at least)

For the majority of people using Google and other search engines, they will most likely not know your company’s name. For this reason, it is important to spread as much awareness for your brand as possible – one way to do this is through including your brand name at least twice in your search advert (I like to stick one in the title and one in the description).

By doing this, not only will you give yourself more brand awareness, but, web users like clicking onto links they know where they are heading. If they know the brand name of the advert they are viewing, they know they will go onto a page for that brand which will only increase the trust the web user has with your campaign and brand as a whole.


#2 A Call to Action

I cannot stress enough how easy and effective it can be to include a call to action in a search advert. For the majority, it is best to stick a CTA in the middle/at the end of the description. However, it can work just as well for some people in the title.

A call to action is, as it states, a short phrase where you are asking the web user to do something. This can be as simple as ‘Buy now’ to as complex as ‘Make sure you do not miss out on this offer’ – in both cases, both phrases are still requesting something from the web user.

Call to actions are generally effective because they subliminally provide guidance to the web user as to what he or she should do. For some campaigns, this is crucial to gaining conversions. As well as this, they hardly take up any space so you would be mad not to use a CTA.


#3 An Ad Extension

Although it is not compulsory to use an ad extension in a search advert, it should be seen as necessary, to achieve the best results, to use an ad extension in a search advert. There are so many different types of ad extensions you can use that can fit perfectly into your advert to give that bit more information or offer the web user something clickable that will get them a step closer to a conversion than simply clicking to go onto a designated landing page.

What more, ad extensions can help to give your advert more exposure, since they increase the overall area your advert takes up. Therefore, you should find both your CTR, conversion rate and the exposure of your advert to all increase when using ad extensions as opposed to not using them.

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