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The text advert plays an important role in a pay per click advertising campaign. As well as making sure the right type 3 Elements To Include In A PPC Text Advertof traffic clicks onto your advert, it also makes sure the traffic are interested enough to be enticed into a click with a desire to find out more information on the landing page. Although the structure of the typical PPC text advert has not changed in over a decade consisting of a title, description and URL, there are still areas you can look at within the text advert to improve how it looks and what to include in it to make sure it achieves the healthiest CTR attracting the right segment of market you want to target. Here are three elements that should be included in a PPC text advert.



#1 Ad Extensions

Although some of the ad extensions are automatically generated by Google themselves, you can still choose to include some of the ad extensions in your PPC text advert to make it stand out from the crowd and improve the engagement of the advert with the web user.

There are many bonuses to using ad extensions such as displaying more information to aid confidence, more links plus more to reduce the number of actions the web user has to take to convert. However, by far the best benefit of ad extensions are the fact it alters the structure of the text advert to make it seem just a bit less like an advert. Yes, web users will still be able to define it as an advert. However, it will look different from the norm which can be an advantage to the advert.



#2 Shorter the Better

This point is less about including and more about discluding (if that is a word)! Adverts with too much text and information in them will fail because web users will not have the attention span to read all the information and still be interested and enticed enough into a click. The point of the advert is to entice the web user enough to click on the advert to find out more information. For example, by asking a question in the advert will automatically make the web user want to find the answer. Therefore, make sure you are brief in your advert and only say the bare essentials so that the web user knows if s/he wants to find out more information, s/he will have to click onto the advert.



#3 Power Words

Power words can be described as some of the best words to use that influence people the most in the English language. Some of these are included below:

  • You
  • Money
  • New
  • Save
  • Results
  • Easy
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Discovery
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed

However, be warned when using power words in an advert. Too many power words will make the advert feel spammy that it is too good to be true (or give a sense that you are over advertising whatever you are trying to advertise). For this reason, if you choose to use power words in your text advert, stick to a minimum of one and a maximum of two.

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