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It goes without saying that the traffic that goes to a website is a huge factor in the performance of the website, as whole. For websites that are content-based and rely on good SEO and traffic from search engines, they rely solely on such traffic. It can be quite difficult determining how to make an effective content-based website that will gain great SEO in the long term and generate thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of views. With this, here are 3 elements I have found, from running a successful content-based website, that will help make sure your content-based website of your own will be just as successful, if not more so.



#1 Set an Upper Limit for Freelance Content

The main problem with content-based websites is that the break-even time is generally a pretty long time, considering that SEO is a slow process. For example, it might be 1-2 years before you break even since it will take around 6-12 months for traffic to start coming in.

With this, it is paramount to the success of such a website to have a firm stance on how much you are willing to pay freelancers for content. If freelancers come in under that price, then that is great news for you. However, if freelancers come in over your max budget, then you need to be firm and state what your maximum price is that you can accept their work for.

Although this can come across harsh, if you accepted the price that every freelance gives you at their first offer, then I am pretty much sure 99% of websites would not be able to cope financially.



#2 Manage Using Trello

Trello is a brilliant website/app that I use for my content-based website to manage the content that freelancers are writing about for the website. The problem I have found with content-based websites, looking to gain good SEO, is that it can be difficult to stop two freelancers from writing about the same thing – for SEO purposes, it is not good to have two articles about exactly the same thing. For this reason, from having a Trello list with potential article ideas, the freelancers can choose what they want to write about and assign themselves to the ‘note’ so nobody else will write about the same article idea.



#3 Consistency is Key

As mentioned in the first point, the break-even period for a content-based website can be quite long. For this reason, some people might be inclined to reduce the work they are giving to freelancers in an effort to minimize cost, to reduce the time to break-even. However, a content-based website is based on:

  1. Create content
  2. Content gets traffic
  3. Traffic makes money

If you reduce the content being published then, ultimately, the revenue from the website will decrease. Although you think you are minimizing the break-even point, you might, in fact, be doing the exact opposite. For this reason, always have a target of how much content you want to post a week/month and stick to it.

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