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The advertising industry has billions of dollars pumped into it every single year. Pay per click advertising is the most used form of 3 Elements to a Successful PPC Campaignonline advertising out there used by millions worldwide. Advertisers don’t want to spend time and money on a campaign which is not going to get them results. After all, the fundamentals to advertising is either to publicise something or make money. Therefore, baring this in mind, here are elements which will help PPC campaigns become successful.


Research Your Keywords

There are many important aspects to a PPC campaign and keywords are definitely one of them. If you choose the wrong keywords, you are risking your campaign overpay for poor traffic and target traffic that is also not at all interested in your campaign’s contents. This is why you need to research your keywords. Find out what keywords work best for you and your campaign.

What I usually do is try to put myself in the mindset of a web user that could be interested in my campaign. What would I search for? These search terms are the type of keywords you should have in your campaign.

As well as this, you should also include negative keywords which you specifically do not want to bid on. This is to prevent your campaign being shown to the wrong people which would potentially waste you money.



Landing Page Optimisation

I always deem the landing page to be the most important aspect of a PPC campaign because, in essence, it is the ‘last domino’ to fall in the web user’s journey through your PPC campaign. For this reason, don’t let your PPC traffic fall at the last hurdle. Make sure your landing page is as optimised as possible for the type of conversion you want and the type of traffic that is heading to your landing page. Below are some articles you may find helpful to help you optimise your landing page:



Analysis of Landing Page

One of the best ways advertisers can improve their PPC campaign and landing page is by looking at the statistics of their landing page with free programs such as Google Analytics. Analytics provides indepth analysis to a website or web page making it possible to see the behaviour and stats of your traffic. From this, you will be able to see if web users are exiting the page early – if so why? How can you reduce the exit rate? Google Analytics makes it possible to improve a PPC campaign by identifying the problems.

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