For a PPC campaign (or any sort of advertising campaign online for that matter), the landing page plays 3 Elements Every Lead Capture Page Needhuge role since it is the part where the conversion takes place. Therefore, you really do need to make sure, potentially more than any other element in your campaign, your landing page has everything it needs to get that conversion you want. For lead capture pages, they can sometimes be a little tricky to get them to work effectively. For this reason, to help you on your way, here are three elements every lead capture page should include if they want to work successfully.



#1 Personalised Call to Action

Call to actions are a must use for any type of advertising campaign. For search adverts of PPC, they are usually short and sweet such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Find out more’. For lead capture pages, you can choose to keep your call to action short and sweet. However, to make the CTA as effective as possible, it is best to make the CTA personalised to the lead capture you want the web user to do. An example of this is changing ‘Fill in the details below’ to ‘Stay up to date with all things technology’.


#2 The Lead Capture Form to the Right/Left of Centre

Just because you have chosen to use a lead capture page as your landing page does not necessarily mean that the form has to be the centre attention on the landing page. In actual fact, you still need to win over the web user to get them to fill out their information to your form. For this reason, it is particularly effective to stick the form they need to fill in to the right or left of the landing page and allow the rest of the space, including the prime central location, to entice the web user into a lead capture.


#3 A Thank You After a Successful Lead

Yes, I know this is not about the lead capture landing page itself. However, it is something that should be included on every follow up webpage to a successful lead capture landing page.

The average attention span of a web user is not very high at all. In actual fact, most web users will decide within seconds whether they want to stay on a web page or not. Therefore, getting web users to fill out information for you is an achievement in itself.

When you do get a successful lead capture, you should really show your appreciation for them doing so much for you. Redirect a successful lead to a thank you webpage and even offer something in return, such as a discount code, to really show you do mean a sincere thank you. After all, the best lead captures come when you can develop a healthy and friendly relationship with the web user.

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