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Although pay per click advertising has turned out to become quite a reliable source of traffic to a landing page making advertisers 3 Assumptions Advertisers Make In PPCconfident in using the program, there are still some advertisers that make assumptions in PPC which will ultimately lead to their PPC campaign failing. In PPC, advertisers (especially new advertisers) should not expect anything to happen as they might have thought. If the advertiser has assumed due to experience in the past, then that is fine. However, to just assume is wrong in PPC. Here are three things PPC advertisers assume to be true when they create their PPC campaign.

Assumption #1 – I Will Be The Highest Bidder

An advertiser should not expect their PPC campaign and CPC to be high enough to result in them becoming the highest bidder. For example, there are a number of reasons that will effect if you are to become the highest bidder for your selected keywords:

  • The level of competiton for that keyword.
  • The CPC of your competitors.
  • The CPC you adopt for your campaign.
  • The keywords you have chosen.
  • The time of year it is (Christmas will have an increased CPC due to the higher conversion rate).

You cannot always count on your campaign being the the highest bidder for your keywords. If you do, you will find yourself in a PPC bidding war which will decrease the profit margin of your campaign significantly. Therefore, do not assume you will be the highest bidder.



Assumption #2 – I Will Make Money

This is probably the biggest assumption advertisers make in pay per click advertising. It is true that if you create a well structure campaign, you will profit from it. However, the majority of times, it takes minor tweaks and updates (that takes time) to make a successful campaign. There are some advertisers that will have the experience to make a campaign over night that can profit. But, most advertisers will create a campaign that will be struggling to ‘stay afloat’. They will then see ways to improve the campaign over time improving the money making abilities of the campaign. Therefore, when creating a campaign, don’t expect it to make you money straight away – the best campaigns are the ones that are optimised through the means of trial and error and from learning from previous mistakes.


Assumption #3 – The Landing Page Is Not As Important…

There are advertisers out there that believe that some of the most important elements to a pay per click campaign involve the means in which you gain the traffic being the keywords, CPC, advert itself etc. However, it makes me beg the question that once you have obtained that traffic and directed it onto your campaign, doesn’t that then make your landing page the most important aspect of your campaign?


The landing page is where your PPC traffic will either converse or not. Therefore, I think it is wrong to assume the landing page as insignificant compared to other aspects of the campaign. In all fairness, it could be the most. Therefore, when creating your campaign, make sure you put as much time or even more into the creation of your landing page.

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