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In the competitive online world, not having a well-optimized website is a sure-shot way of killing your brand. Search engine optimization is important if you want to create a website that is user and search engine friendly and as such, a business that doesn’t invest in SEO is losing out on more than just brand visibility.

However, having said that, when it comes to the implementation of the SEO strategies, one needs to be mindful of what is relevant and what is no longer useful. SEO is an evolving technique and with each new algorithm change & update, there are changes, which if missed could have a negative impact on your site’s overall ranking. Thus, to ensure that this doesn’t happen, the following infographic highlights the 25+ common SEO mistakes that every online business must steer clear from.

Now, before we take a look at the infographic, here are the Top 9 SEO mistakes that all businesses must avoid.

1. Having a Slow Loading Website

One of the most common SEO mistakes, a slow loading website is the biggest turn-off for customers and can affect your brand’s credibility. A sluggish website affects not only your site’s ranking but also lead to a higher bounce rate, thus, ensure that this issue is taken care of immediately to avoid losing out on potential traffic.

2. Keyword Stuffing

While keywords are an important part of SEO, over-optimization of keywords does more harm than good. Stuffing your content with Keywords can get your site penalized by Google and as such, it is important that you do away with technique and instead focuses on LSI keywords, which will help you to improve the keyword density of your content and improve readers engagement.

3. Multiple Broken Links

Broken links lead to a higher bounce rate. Having too many broken links on your website is a sign of poor website maintenance, which could lead to a bad user experience and lower ranking on SERPs. Thus, this is another mistake that you need to fix post-haste.

4. Poor Quality Content

Content is the most important part of any marketing strategy and as such, it needs to be top-class. Low-quality content on your website leads to poor user experience and affects your brand’s credibility, hence, ensure that your web content is informative and engaging and pay attention to quality over quantity when creating content.

5. Lack of Robust Content Promotion Strategy

The success of your content largely depends on how well it is being promoted. Without an effective promotion strategy, even the best piece of content will fail to garner the desired traffic and ranking. Thus, this is another common SEO mistake that you need to rectify and ensure that you use effective platforms to promote your content which help create more brand awareness.

6. Irrelevant Interlinking

Interlinking helps to improve user engagement as well as helps distribute page authority across your site. It also helps make navigation on the site easy and helps build a search engine friendly site structure. However, relevancy of the anchor text or the link placed in the content is important, as, without it, the links would be qualified as spam and not yield any benefits. Thus, irrelevant interlinking is yet another SEO mistake that you need to avoid.

7. Ignoring Social Media

Ignoring Social media is not in the best interest of your brand, especially, you are a newbie just starting your online journey. Social media can help create brand awareness as well as drive more targeted traffic to your website. Thus, it is crucial that you have a social profile for your business across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, in order to increase traffic and improve ranking.

8. Lack of Local SEO

For greater sales and conversion, Local businesses who own a website need to invest in Local SEO. Overlooking this factor can lead to loss of potential customers and can impact your site’s local ranking, hence, if your site is not optimized for local search then you need to fix this issue now.

9. Not Reviewing Analytics Report

From insights on popular keywords, traffic report, page views, bounce rate, engagement with site’s content and more, Analytic reports provide you with an overall view of how your site is performing on various parameters. Failure to reviewing these reports means a huge loss of optimization opportunities that could improve your ROI and thus, if you have been neglecting this task then you need to remedy this mistake right away, in order to improve your SEO campaign.

Apart from the above Top 9 SEO mistakes, the infographic below consists of otherSEO mistakes

25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website[Infographic] by the team at Hostingclues.comCommon SEO Mistakes Infographic

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