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There is no doubt that the 2010 election was heavily influenced by how well the Obama campaign was able to get their social media act together and be “cool” to the internet generation. Four years later and the game hasn’t changed, but now both sides of the political parties know how important the internet, lead capture and landing pages are to the success of their ad campaigns.

It’s been quite an interesting campaign to watch just from the stand point of looking at different online ad campaigns, ad copy and landing pages that are continually rotated and used on their home pages.

Even though we don’t have the financial backing and marketing teams any where near close to the Presidential campaigns, we can still learn a lot from their failures and successes in any given election year. Whether you are a democrat or a republican, you are sure to love the break down and comparison in the “How the presidential candidates score on landing page optimization” infographic below.

Special thanks to IONInteractive for the infographic creation.

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