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PPC campaigns are an extremely effective way to gain contextual traffic to a designated landing page. The concept behind only paying for traffic and not ad space is something that has proved to attract millions of advertisers to platforms such as Google AdWords.

However, a PPC campaign can become quite costly when not optimised for the conversion you are looking to gain, as well as not taking advantage of what PPC can offer. Yes, you could further improve a PPC campaign to gain a better return of investment or look to gain more conversions. But, have you ever thought about reducing the cost associated to a PPC campaign can also look to improve the ROI. For this reason, here are a couple of ways you can save money in a PPC campaign.



Use Negative Keywords

Negatives keywords are search keywords for which you do not want to target and allow your advert/s to appear for. For example, if you had a campaign promoting piano sheet music that you sell, you might include ‘free’ as a negative keyword since web users that are searching for free piano sheet music would most likely produce a lower conversion rate than those that did not include the search keyword ‘free’.

There are a few benefits to using negative keywords. As outlined above, you can narrow down your target market even further, which should correspond to a increase in your conversion rate and ROI. However, negative keywords can also sometimes become effective at reducing the cost per click of your advert – blocking vague and high paying keywords will reduce your average CPC.



Schedule Adverts

By default, campaigns in Google AdWords have the time and day of when to show adverts as to any day at any hour. Of course, this could be improved and by doing so will increase the ROI of your campaign.

Even if you lack geo-targeting in your campaign, it is still advisable to have your adverts show at times and days of the week that are more likely to gain conversions. For example, if you are wanting to promote a new movie, it would be most beneficial to promote your adverts during the afternoons/evenings, especially on a Friday and Saturday.

The problem stems down to if you are unsure when the best time to show your adverts is. With this, it would be a good idea to conduct A/B testing to help determine when it is best to show your adverts.


As much as advertisers look to make their product/service more sell-able or look to invest more money into a campaign to gain better results (and more of it too), it is important to note that the best campaigns out there work efficiently minimising the cost of advertising as much as possible. From implementing the above two points, you will help to reduce the cost associated to your campaign.

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