So already I have looked into two ways to improve a PPC homepage, product/service page, click through page and a microsite. The last type of landing page advertisers 2 Ways To Improve An Infomericalcan choose to use is the infomercial page, which, in essence, is a web version of a TV advert. For this reason, the ways to improve and optimise an infomercial PPC landing page will vary to ways to improve the other types of landing pages out there (linked above). So, without further ado, here are two ways you can improve an infomercial PPC landing page.



51% is Critical

From reading the first tip, you probably do not have a clue what I am on about. The whole way an infomercial works is by getting the web user to read or get to 51% of the contents of the infomercial. When the web user gets to the magic 51% (roughly as an estimate), they put themselves into a dilemma:

  1. They can stop reading the infomercial and continue browsing on the internet.
  2. Since the web user has read the majority of the contents on the infomercial page, they might as well read the rest as they have already gone so far.


Think of it as running a marathon. When you get to past half way, you are closer to the finish line than the start line so it will be easier for you to run to the finish line than run back further to the start line. But, how do you get web users to reach 51%? Here are two ways you can do this:



#1 Use Images When Possible

Images have the potential to be worth a thousand words. So, when you have content in your infomercial, ask yourself a question whether that content can be converted into image format so it is easier for the web user to digest. By having content that is easier for the web user to digest will reduce the chances of them exiting the landing page.
Remember that in PPC, first impressions are everything – Images really do contain a lot of power when it comes to keeping web users on landing pages for long enough to convert.



#2 Don’t Have a Long Infomerical

At the end of the day, web users have a upper limit to how much they can digest per webpage. Therefore, do not go past this limit: if a web user feels he or she will scroll 2-3 times before exiting the web page out of being tedious etc., then make sure the 51% is only 1-2 scrolls below the fold of the content. Of course, the infomercial will be longer than the standard landing page but do not take the mick as this will affect your landing page’s results.

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