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When it comes to advertising, no matter if it is online or not, creating a well optimised advert can be pretty tough to do. This is because most people do not have set 2 Things To Include In ANY Advertobjectives when it comes to creating their advert and simply make it up as they go. However, this usually results in an advert with no direction and will produce a low click through rate. In order to make an advert that is going to perform well for you, you need to have a set plan of what your advert’s objectives are, what you want your advert to do and, more importantly, how you are going to do this. From setting out what you do before you actually do it will make your advert and whole campaign that bit more successful.


I can compare this ideology to a career in Control and Calibration (bear with me). For Control and Calibration engineers, it is far more efficient and logical to understand what coding needs to be implemented and set up the aims and what needs to be implemented into the coding. Once that is all done, the Control and Calibration engineer can then actually create the coding, which can be considered the easiest part left to do.

For advertisers, the creation of the advert should be the easiest bit of creating an advert too because all of the hard work of setting objectives, aims and more of the advert are done prior to the actual creation of the advert. For this reason, here are some things you should always try to put into your advert in order for your advert to perform well and continue your campaign in the right direction.



Call to Action

It goes without saying that call to actions are super efficient in size and can have such a huge impact on the CTR of an advert. Whatever you are trying to promote and advertise, you will always be able to include some sort of call to action (such as Buy it now, Click here, Read more, Find out more etc.). This is because in order for you to get a click on your advert, you need to entice the web user to click onto it – the call to action will simply entice the web user further into clicking onto the advert.



Keyword Rich

Pay per click advertising works on the basis that the most contextual adverts gain the highest CTR. This makes sense since if an advert is more tailor fitted to what the web user is searching, they are more likely to click onto it. Therefore, concentrate on filling your advert with keywords relating to the content you are advertising. 3-4 keywords should be enough to make your whole advert dense enough in keywords to increase the CTR of it for the right type of traffic.

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