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As we all know, millions and millions of advertisers around the world use PPC marketing as way to profit from traffic to increase the return on investment (ROI) of a business. PPC is used by the largest and smallest companies in a wide range of ways simply because it is flexible, no matter what budget you can push to online advertising.

However, as much as this is a good thing, it does also mean that there will be a lot of campaigns created, out there, that will be set up to fail simply because the creator of the campaign doesn’t know the ‘tips and tricks’ to implement into a campaign to make it a success. For this reason, here are two reasons why PPC campaigns fail, so you can make sure you do not do the same with your own campaign.


#1 Using a Cluttered Landing Page

The landing page is a crucial element to a PPC campaign simply because it is the last ‘domino to fall over’ in the journey that a web user takes, through PPC, to perform a conversion.

With this, there are many different types of PPC landing pages you can implement into your campaign. Some will have the aim of gaining a click, some will have the aim of gaining information from the web user whilst others are there to inform and spread brand awareness.

Whatever the objective of the PPC landing page, it needs to stick to that objective at all times. It is far too easy to add extra content and other things you think will be beneficial and then the landing page ends up cluttered, with multiple options – a landing page should have a clear direction that the web user should, and only, follow, in terms of a path, on a landing page.


#2 Wrong Choice of Ad Extension

Ad extensions are a great addition to PPC search adverts since they provide extensions that are tailor-made to the adverts which aim to improve the click through rate and conversion rate of the adverts. Although programs such as Google AdWords automatically apply certain ad extensions to adverts to improve them, you can manually choose to have ad extensions show. For this reason, if you choose to use ad extensions, make sure that you choose the correct one for the type of advert you are showing. For example, if you are a high-street shop, you should choose the location and call extension and not, say, the site link and ratings extension – this would be because your store converts by getting people to go into the store and not online to browse through the website (unless the high-street shop has a e-store).

Although in the past I have mentioned how it is great to use ad extensions since they increase the area of your advert on paid search results, which will contribute to increasing the exposure your advert gets, it is important to remember that the advert is all about getting the click . Exposure is great, however, if an advert with a poor choice of ad extensions gains more exposure but less clicks than one without ad extensions, then the added exposure would be for nothing.

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