The concept of digital marketing has provided businesses of different sizes enough options to compete in the market. Even the small businesses are finding it easier to promote their services and products through the online medium, without investing much in the process. Digital marketing also provides a better attribution platform that seems to be clearer and more organized. With this platform, it becomes easier to have a better understanding of the PPC or the performance of the ads being displayed, all done entirely through Conversion Data Analysis procedure. It even becomes possible to identify the total traffic percentage viewing the ads with impression-judgment and also the total number of people who have clicked those ads (through the help of CTR).

But, wait! Although these tremendous advancements have made it easier to analyze the advertising outcomes, there are certain pitfalls too that cannot be overlooked. Small businesses are mostly the sufferers due to their inability to adapt to the change. It’s quite legible because of their limited range of resources and budget constraints that prevent them from hiring a reputed Sand Crest SEO PPC management company. Many small business owners tend to get frustrated with the result; and hence, try to move away from the approach after a series of failed attempts to establish a valid PPC campaign.

Here are 2 Major PPC Pitfalls that Must be Avoided

Selection of improper keywords

The selection of keywords plays a vital role in the success of the digital marketing campaign. But, then, this is what the small business owners (not all, but mostly) fail to do. Online marketing campaigns based on PPC, rely strongly on the use of suitable keywords relevant to the nature and scope of the business. Accordingly, you can adjust the bids, as per the intent level.

You can also pre-qualify the keywords by evaluating the competition and search volume level. Always opt for keywords that enjoy low-level of competition, yet a high search volume. You can do this by using Google’s Keyword Planner tool. It would provide you, with a clear insight of the best keywords being used by people for related searches, suggested bids, competition, and volumetric analysis of the searches done every month.

The absence of an organized campaign structure 

Many small businesses lack the presence of an organized advertising campaign structure. Keep in mind that an organized ad campaign structure offers the possibility to gain more control over the digital marketing campaigns, thus yielding better results.

At first, you need to make sure that the ad campaigns are organized according to the geographical location. This approach would allow your ad campaign to target specific geographical zones using different bids. It would also provide you the opportunity to compare the results, location wise. Also, you must launch different types of advertisement campaigns according to different products and services. You simply cannot use a single advertisement for branding different products and services.

The PPC advertising concept has provided an opportunity to small entrepreneurs to compete against the pioneers and bigger brands. But, then, it is necessary to think and act smart. Small business owners must be careful, with the strategies being implemented to avoid unnecessary financial loss. Remember, the best practices and a strong persistence level helps in gaining momentum, with PPC ad campaigns.

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