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The vast majority of advertisers who use PPC advertising will not know the complete ins and out of the online platform, since it takes a lot of time, effort and, even, experimenting to truly understand how capable PPC is as a source of traffic. Advertisers’ main objective is to achieve the ROI investment target they have been set for a PPC campaign. Getting to the objective can sometimes seem an impossible target, especially if you are not as familiar with PPC as you would like to be. Therefore, here are two common questions PPC advertisers tend to ask with answers to each of them.



Why cannot I see my PPC ads?

Making sure you get your adverts exposure is paramount to success in PPC. Here are some of the mains reasons why your PPC adverts might not be showing:

  • Low ad rank – The ad rank determines where your advert is positioned on paid search results. If you have a low ad rank, then your advert it going to be less likely to show. The ad rank is determined based on the quality of your advert and landing page/website as well as the bidding price for your advert.
  • Keyword selection – The keywords are mainly what determines when your adverts show for what search phrase. Therefore, making sure your keywords are all correct and without typos is important.
  • Budget – Platforms such as AdWords determines the CPC of your advert based around factors such as the amount of competition there is for your keywords as well as the budget you have allocated for PPC. If your budget is on the small side, Google will automatically reduce the amount of impressions your advert gets based on the CTR it achieves on average, so that you do not burn through your budget all at once for the whole day/week.



Why is my CPC increasing?

A rising CPC is never something a PPC advertiser wants since it means you are getting less traffic for your bucks (although your ROI could increase). With this, here are some common reasons for your cost per click increasing:

  • Poor quality score – The quality score, as it states in the name, determines the quality of your advert, landing page and campaign on the whole to determine how useful your advertising campaign is to potential web users. It is mainly calculated based on the CTR and relevance of your advert, so improving them will reduce the CPC you have to bid to achieve the same CTR.
  • Increased competition – PPC advertising CPC value for keywords works on the old saying ‘supply and demand’. If the supply reduces, the demand increases and vice versa. If the competition increases for a keyword whilst the supply of advertising spaces is kept at the same amount (which, for Google, is four spaces above organic results), then, naturally, the CPC will increase.

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