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Let me explain to you what is CTR!

CTR is abbreviated for Click Through Rates which means the ratio of users who click on a link to the total number of users who view the page, email or advertisement. It is key metric involved with optimizing PPC ads. It is the measurement of success of SEO services or an online advertising campaign for a particular website and the measurement of success of an email marketing campaign.

Higher ranking is not the only goal of professional SEO services, it includes organic visits and sales brought by those higher ranking. Crawlers will click on your website only when your website looks click-attractive in Google Search Results. Increasing CTR is no more an easy task with a number of new sprung digital marketing channels in the technological world. Along with the innovation and excitement, they can also distract you from core values of SEO service which deliver proper results. You should work to boost your organic CTR, as it can indirectly have a high impact on your rankings as well as other SEO services.

Read out to know certain tweaking hacks which can help you increase your organic CTR:

Find Out Your Lowest CTR

Before anything else, you need to find out your previous CTRs and figure out the lowest one from the entire list of your CTRs. This will help you create a target regarding increasing your organic CTR. With the lowest CTR, schedule a target of your CTR which can be done with superior SEO services.

Avoid Heavy Keywords in Title Tags

A Title Tag should be the one that explains the entire page in just two or three words. Generally, with SEO perspective, it is preferred to constitute the keyword with highest search volume in the title tag, but using keywords that are not understandable easily can affect in the clicks by the user. Hence, if you target in increasing CTR, try using simple keywords for the title track.

Use Appropriate CTA in Meta Description

Then comes Meta Descriptions, they are one of the most important aspects to see while selecting an SEO service. They don’t directly impact organic search but are helpful when you need to find out whether the user clicks through the website or not. They should brief about the content of the page. At the same time, appropriate Call To Action is must in a Meta Description.

Use Descriptive URL

An URL is another thing which can influence SEO and the content displayed in SERPs, hence also affects CTR. While making URL, focus on folder structure, word choice, query match, and navigation snippets. URL should not contain unnecessary characters such as numbers or punctuations, it should describe the page in an easy way. A research from Microsoft found that descriptive URLs get 25% more clicks than generic URLs.

Make Use of Rich Snippets

With increasing digital marketing channels, it seems that rich snippets are the one who will help you increase your CTR as they give convenient summary information about the search results. While adding snippets it is necessary to research and analyze the relevant snippets with structured data markup.

Be Careful About SERP Ranking

According to studies, it has been reported that users spend 80% of their time in looking at information above the fold (the portion which is viewable without scrolling). You might have seen people chasing after Page 1 organic rankings. It is actually necessary as the difference in positions on page 1 can also matter when it comes to clicks. So, while taking SEO services, be careful about the ranking as it can also affect CTR of your website.

Make Use of Numbers

Research has found that descriptions and title tags with numbers tend to attain more traffic. It can boost CTR by 36%. While making the descriptions, try to use figures if possible. For an instance, “14 Hacks to Boost Your Website” can get more clicks than “Hacks to Boost Your Website”, even if both contains the same content.

Use Strong Headline Template

Headlines are the part that attracts the user. While making ads, you keep only three things in mind i.e. your target customers, whether the message which you want to say is passing correctly or not and which emotional word you can use to make it more attractive. While making the headlines, you should be specific and unique. Try to create such a strong CTA that the user at least checks out your website once.

Try Many Headline Ideas on Google Adwords before Finalizing

While making the headline, there won’t be a single headline you came up with. There might be many headlines that struck your mind. Try all of them on Google Adwords and check out the relevancy before finalizing any of them.

Facebook Posts can be used to Test Headline Ideas

Any post which user like to click, on Facebook will also make them click on it in organic search listings. You can post your headlines on facebook and make people click on them in organic search listings as well. You can test out your new headline with the help of paid and organic posts on social media.

Combine Keywords with Some Emotional Triggers

Emotional Triggers can help you everywhere! While using SEO services, emotional triggers can help you out when combined with targeted keywords in CTA of meta descriptions as well as business listings. You can create urgency in the keyword to make them click your link.

Improve User-Friendliness of the Website

For a user to check out the entire page after clicking on it, he must find the website user-friendly. The user must be able to access the website easily. This factor can highly affect the CTR as well as SERP of the website.

Make Use of Social Media

Social Media is the place where a maximum number of users can be found. To increase CTR of your website, you can advertise your link on various social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and much more. There are many platforms out there.

Remarketing is a Good Idea Either

Remarketing! It is a key to every SEO requirement. As it is becoming a vital aspect of this entire advertising campaigns. If the user once left your website, retargeting them can be the most powerful tool for increasing CTR of your website.

Hope these would help you increasing your CTR!


The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies Wordpress development company offers Magento development, WordPress development and professional SEO services. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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